2 Shadows Return Transformed Into A Mad God

The Vancouver metal duo deliver a dose of dystopian horror in their latest single.

2 Shadows rule with an iron fist inside a velvet glove on their new single Mad God — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest single from the Vancouver metal duo of guitarist Tryst Germaine and vocalist Glen Bridden is a cinematic, multi-faceted work that toggles between darkly ominous piano balladry and relentlessly slamming metal — all the better to display the disturbing dystopian disconnect of its lyrics.

“When Tryst and I wrote the song Mad God we were inspired by the Phil Tippett film with the same name,” explains Bridden. “We were blown away by the apocalyptic dystopian setting and the delivery of the horror elements in the movie and it got us excited to try exploring those vibes musically. Mad God ended up being the easiest and most fluid song to write and we didn’t make many changes after the first demo.

Photo by Yvonn Harrison.

“When it came to the lyrics of the song I focused on the dissonance visible in everyday urban life, like how lonely you can feel in a densely populated area and how common it is for people to numb themselves with prescription drugs and the like. It would seem people feel more comfortable ‘under an influence’ and that’s where the lyric ‘overdosed on sanity’ comes from and where the dystopian horror begins to show itself and come full circle.”

For the past eight years, Bridden and Germaine have been meticulously and methodically honing in their craft, leaving no stone unturned. Inspired by acts like Slipknot, Rammstein and Korn — along with modern metal acts such as Avenged Sevenfold2 Shadows combine cutting-edge sonics with visually theatrical imagery. Says Bridden, “Our live show is just as important to us as our music. We try to make our live show a visual representation of our music. We are constantly building and evolving our stage show so our fans can always expect something different and exciting!”

Check out Mad God above, find the song on your preferred streamer HERE, listen to more from 2 Shadows below, and bend the knee to 2 Shadows on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.