Fog Blues & Brass Band Know Who’s Gonna Suffer

The Kitchener combo's latest lighthearted single tells the tale of a hapless husband.

Fog Blues & Brass Band just can’t win for losing in their fun-loving new single and video Who’s Gonna Suffer — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The fourth release from the award-nominated Kitchener septet’s EP 12 Bar Prescription is the tale of a hapless husband who just can’t seem to get it right with his missus, no matter how hard he tries and how much money he spends.

“We’re a fun, easy-going type of band, and we like to keep our lyrics light and airy, poking fun at situational experiences we’ve encountered or stories about people we know,” say the band. “A guy can try to do right by his spouse, yet always his good intension somehow backfires… Haven’t we all felt like we’ve walked a mile in this guy’s shoes?”

Following up the success of their earlier singles Why Get Up, 12 Bar Prescription and Too Deep, Fog Blues & Brass Band once again fuse classic rock, blues, R&B and roots with punchy brass and irresistible grooves. The undeniable energy captures and reflects their dynamic live show. “We decided for this album we wanted a more live feel,” they confirm.

Comprised of seasoned musicians, Fog Blues & Brass Band exploded onto the music scene with their 2018 debut album Into The Fog!, which attracted much fanfare as each track from the album received extensive airplay on live radio both locally and abroad.

Watch the video for Who’s Gonna Suffer above, check out the EP below, and find Fog Blues & Brass Band at their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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