Moves After Midnight Can See Right Through You & Your Lies

The Ontario groove merchants' latest pays homage to the glory days of electro-funk.

Moves After Midnight dance around the truth with their undeniably groovy new single I See Right Through You — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

As a rule, catchy choruses and funky guitar walks flow like water from the wellspring of creativity that is Waterloo, Ont., DJ/producer Christopher Mihas, the mastermind making Moves After Midnight. And his ability to bring in the electro-funk is on full display yet again in his latest track, which pays homage to the glory days of ’80s popfunk with its electro-boogie backbeat.

I See Right Through You features sultry vocals about confronting a self-destructive loved one, reinforced with icy-cool harmonies that will chill and thrill in equal measure. Beneath that, funky guitar riffs paired with walking basslines usher in an infectious chorus that is sure to live in your head rent-free for the foreseeable future.

Moves After Midnight tracks have welcomed and enjoyed features from a plethora of talented musicians over the years — and I See Right Through You keeps the hot streak alive and kicking. In this corner: Bartek Milczarczyk, who rightfully earns the title of Moves After Midnight’s secret weapon this time out. A talented guitarist in his own right, Bartek provides instrumentation for I See Right Through You while co-writing alongside Mihas. Using Bartek’s solo as the foundation to build upon, Christopher recruited Emmellienne to provide the charmingly mystic vocalizations that tie the track together. Award-winning London engineer Sefi Carmel was brought on board to add the finishing touches to Moves After Midnight’s newest brainchild, providing a master class in mixing and mastering.

I See Right Through You is the latest in a string of Moves After Midnight releases, most notably their 2021 debut EP Fluorescent Memoirs and the smash single Vanity Prayers in September 2022. Check out I See Right Through You above, hear more from Moves After Midnight below, and follow them on Instagram.