Neon Tigers & Philippa Hanna Get No Sleep

The EDM duo's debut single blurs the line between reality and dreams.

Neon Tigers & Philippa Hanna keep you up with their rousing new single and video No Sleep — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A blend of driving synth lines and etherial female vocals, nailed to a moody EDM backdrop, No Sleep invites you on a mystical journey with two fun-loving adventurers through the night, blurring the line between reality and dreams. Is it a voyage into another world, or just the funfair of a child’s imagination? One thing is for sure, It’s a fun way to spend a sleepless night.

Neon Tigers’ debut single is a promising glimpse into a welcoming sonic landscape to soothe the soul. Featured vocalist Hanna is no stranger to the dance music scene, having appeared on a string of drum & bass hits including Back to the Streets by BCee and Forest by Hybrid Minds.

Producer Tim Gosden completes the Neon Tigers lineup. With remixes in the pipeline for artist Need River, and writer/producer credits with Tiestö’ and Mari Bella, this music partnership is the real deal. No Sleep marks the duo’s initial venture into the electronic music scene with this offering, a sign of promising things to come.

Watch the video for No Sleep above and check out the song below.


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