Centraal Recall When They Were Nobody To You

The Toronto rockers are in the right place at the right time with their latest single.

Centraal hit one right down the middle their memorable new single Nobody To You — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Opening with catchy riffs from guitarist and lead singer Adam Gomori, the Toronto rockers’ latest release — the title track and first song from their newly released album — has a garage-rock vibe to it. As Gomori sings the first verse, his voice is backed by percussion from Tim Bacon and driving bass from Rob Frasca that punctuates the lyrics:

“There was a time I was not a part of you
Meandering vines together our branches grew
Drawing our lines, I hope they aren’t parallel
Drawing our lines, where they lead I couldn’t tell.”

Building to the first chorus, the instrumentation drops to an anthemic gang vocal by Adam and Rob. This brief but impactful chorus contrasts the rest of the song by driving home its message with no extra clutter. The song promptly starts up again to the melodic hook of the song supplied by guitarist Mike Gavrailoff.

At first glance, you’d assume the song was about a romantic relationship, but the song’s true inspiration might surprise you. The band explain: “It came from the realization that band members Adam and Rob had to have interacted with one another at a local store that Rob worked at years before ever knowing one another.” It sparked an exploration into the often-spontaneous nature of human connection.

Taking their name from a train station in Amsterdam, Centraal formed in 2017 with the belief that music can bring people together and take them to different places. Their first single Cosmic Cars arrived in 2019, followed by the EP All Roads in 2020 and the single Coletta Bay in 2021. Earlier this year, they released This Place, the first single from Nobody To You.

Check out Nobody To You above, hear the rest of the album below, and visit Centraal on their website, Instagram and Facebook.


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