Marsha Swanson Lets Go Of Her Inner Child: Not You

The London singer-songwriter previews her upcoming album Near Life Experience.

Marsha Swanson grows up in public with her new single and video Not You — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Known for her soul-stirring melodies and profound storytelling, the London singer-songwriter’s latest release takes the listener on a compelling journey into the heart of womanhood and the perpetual voyage of life, as illustrated in the accompanying video from Continnuum Films.

“Our joint aim was to create a visual portrayal of the process of letting go of a frozen inner child,” says Swanson. “Sometimes as adults we catch ourselves behaving in ways that come from an earlier more primitive state. In this song, I welcomed the opportunity to revisit such moments from adult vantage point.”

The track artfully blends sophisticated pop and soft-rock elements, showcasing Swanson’s unwavering devotion to music. An organ-driven overture seamlessly intertwines with a meticulously crafted piano arrangement, while the vocals command the spotlight, expertly guiding the song’s emotional narrative.
As the song unfolds, it gathers momentum, reaching a crescendo with a chorus that etches the story into the heart. Not You’s stirring climax is a testament to Marsha’s gift for capturing the raw essence of human emotions and eloquently conveying them through her music.

Not You offers an irresistible taste of what lies ahead on her eagerly anticipated album Near Life Experience. Watch the video for Not You above, hear more from Marsha Swanson below, and keep up with her on her website, Facebook and Instagram.


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