Doug MacNaughton Powers Down In Order To Energize

The troubadour shares another preview of his Old Enough To Know Better LP.

Doug MacNaughton recharges his batteries (and yours) with his soothing new single Energize — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The fifth preview of the prairie-raised, Toronto-based singer-songwriter’s upcoming album Old Enough To Know Better, Energize is a mesmerizing Celtic-folk tune that invites listeners to find moments of tranquility in the midst of life’s chaos. With its mellow melody and MacNaughton’s laidback tone, the song encourages us to connect with our inner peace while trying to look through life’s challenges and everyday monotony.

“I wrote this in 2020 while riding my bike around the back roads near Guelph, Ontario,” says MacNaughton. “The tempo changes between the verse and the chorus are like what happens when you keep the same speed as you go from the flats to riding up hill.”

While MacNaughton’s warm vocals and nimble guitar shine brightest in Energize, the single is skillfully complemented by the Celtic-themed elements, including fiddle from Loren Vidri, bodhran by Jacob McCauley, penny whistle from McNaughton, and drums and percussion from Jessica Stuart and Ryan Granville-Martin.

“This comes from a time when I had just started studying Carnatic music with Prof. Trichy Sankaran, and the idea of that music’s rhythmic complexity in a form where the time signature and the tempo don’t change was something I was thinking about constantly,” says MacNaughton.

Originally from Brandon, Man., MacNaughton boasts an eclectic range of musical influences from Joni Mitchell and Cassandra Wilson to Frank Zappa and more. With a background in performing, a love for rock and jazz, and a deep passion for storytelling through music, MacNaughton has been a prominent figure in the Toronto music scene.

On his upcoming eight-track album Old Enough To Know Better, he delves into the complexities of life, including themes of loss and adversity. Nevertheless, he emphasizes that love and human connection can conquer all obstacles, making it a central theme in the album. With a diverse musical background that includes musicals, operas, orchestras, tribute concerts, and more, MacNaughton’s extensive career has led him to this moment.

Check out Energize above, hear more from Doug MacNaughton below, and join him on his website, Facebook and Instagram.