The Grindhouse | The OddEven, Display Of Decay, Infernalizer & More New Loudness

Welcome to another brutal, bloody, bombastic blast of big-ass metal, hard rock, punk and more. How do I do it? Volume. Turn it up and gird your loins:


The OddEven | Whiskey

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The OddEven are a riff-oriented hard rock band with a massive groove and hypnotic kick from Baltimore. Their upcoming full-length album Darkness is due on Jan. 5. “We shot this video because the best way to face the challenges ahead in earthly life is with a fortified exterior and a gut full of whiskey,” says bassist Weed. “As per usual with the filming of our videos, the band was visited by aliens on the set. Luckily for the band, the aliens seem to be friendly and have a real interest in the music we are creating. (We suspect a few of them are repeat visitors, but we have not made a confirmation quite yet as they all look very similar). The most difficult part of filming this video was consuming the vast amounts of whiskey that was being forced down our throats by the aliens… What started out as a good time in the woods with beings from beyond, quickly became a bit excessive and made the most basic of tasks (standing up, holding an instrument, etc.) difficult. ET tried to negotiate a trade with the aliens to go aboard one of their spacecrafts in return for additional new music about their travels to Earth, but that request was met with blank stares.”

Display Of Decay | Legion Of Doom

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Display of Decay’s Legion of Doom is a death metal look at the menacing death knights found in World Of Warcraft. Step into the shadows of musical intensity and bask in bloody riffs, frosty bass lines, and unholy vocals. Legion of Doom comes off the band’s sixth album Vitriol, which is packed full of technical and dark artistry. The band details the writing process: “Musically, this song was rewritten a number of times. I can remember a few minutes before a writing session, Brandon was on his way over and I was sitting there strumming along to warm up when I plucked the notes that would eventually become the chorus, and I thought to myself ‘’did I just write the best riff ever?!” Of course, I didn’t, but it’s a pretty damn great riff. This song is definitely more ‘progressive’ than the other ones perhaps, I feel there’s a definite nod to Death in this one, but nonetheless, it’s about slaying monsters in Azeroth. FOR THE HORDE.”

Infernalizer | Falling In Slow Motion

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Infernalizer will unleash their new album After Dark on Oct. 27. Today, the band unlock their third preview video, this time for the track Falling In Slow Motion, a song completely different from their previous two singles. Frontman Claudio Ravinale explains: “This is a little bit of a power ballad, it has a lot of different layers to it and represents the darker and less campy side of the album. The female vocals on the chorus really help to emphasize the emotional nature of the track creating a captivating vocal melody while the male vocals switch from the low gothic vibes of the verses (once again very influenced by late Type O Negative singer Peter Steele) to the death metal growls of the bridges creating a vivid contrast; the central part of the track showcases a more elaborate cinematic atmosphere. As opposed to most of the other songs on the album there is no trace of dark humor in the lyrics that focus on the theme of death and departure.”

W.E.B. | Necrology Of Hel

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Hailing from Athens, Greece, extreme symphonic metal band W.E.B. are back with a new digital EP titled Into Hell Fire We Burn, which will be released Oct. 26. “This EP was an idea that had been wandering our minds for a long time,” they say. “W.E.B. have only released one EP in 2012, the one called My Storm Upon You and the freedom of releasing experimental material, which would never be part of an official album, in addition to something new and a couple of re-enhanced versions of songs, is always intriguing… There’s a lot to process and listening to this EP seems like a roller coaster with very strange turns but this is what makes roller coasters fun, right? We invite you to an album-lasting ride through several musical layers of the netherworld, from burning into infernal fire to the victorious scream of Non Serviam.”

Sorcerer | Reign of the Reaper

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “There is no stopping the mighty Sorcerer. In the autumn of 2023 the band will release their highly anticipated fourth album Reign Of The Reaper. Not content with repeating themselves, the album features some of the darkest, heaviest and most aggressive material the band has ever recorded, and at the same time some of the most lyrical and beautiful. Sorcerer are known for their long title tracks with catchy and highly memorable choruses, and the second single Reign Of The Reaper is no exception. Taking the listener through the realms of death and dread, this doom-laden epic will crush souls with its many twists and turns, leaving metal fans begging for more darkness and despair. Anders says: “This song came about when we were looking for a title to go with the artwork. Somehow we wanted to build around the majestic appearance that Death presents on the cover. It’s a heavy hitter and a typical Sorcerer song, heavy, melodic with many different parts and the solos are extraordinary. The song is simply epic, just as we like it.”

Immortal Guardian | Rise Of The Phoenix

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Since Spring 2022 progressive metal band Immortal Guardian have been building awareness and anticipation toward a full album by releasing new songs and videos every few months. Unite and Conquer will hit stores on Oct. 27th. Today, the band offer another nugget in Rise Of The Phoenix. “This song is a tribute to my mother, conveying her challenging upbringing and the resilience she embodies. Both my grandparents passed away in a train accident when my mom was only nine years old. She had to make it through life on her own and eventually move to the U.S.A. as a Mexican immigrant,” shares guitarist/keyboardist Gabriel Guardian. “The fact that she never gave up, never caved in, and raised me and all my siblings through so much turbulence, showed she could rise through it all. These lyrics paint a vivid picture of a childhood marked by hardship and sacrifice, with a sense of isolation and struggle. Despite the adversities she faced, this song carries a message of hope and transformation, likening her to a phoenix rising from the ashes.”

Entheos | The Interior Wilderness (Drumcorps Remix)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Entheos have just dropped the Drumcorps remix of song The Interior Wilderness, originally released on the band’s recent album Time Will Take Us All. “The Interior Wilderness is a song about inner turmoil and choosing whether to overcome or succumb to a period of darkness in your life,” the band say. “Drumcorps’ style of remixing metal songs is one that provokes a feeling of existential dread and we thought that it would be the perfect way to emphasize what the lyrical content of the song conveys.”

Human Missile Crisis | Blackwater

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Human Missile Crisis, the punk-infused garage-rock trio hailing from Dartmouth, are pumped to release their debut album Liquor Store Stories, a garage-rock, post-punk tribute to life, love, making mistakes, and the fallen. Powerful rhythms, aggressive executions, and some weird bits can all be found in this succinct 34-minute EP. The second single is Blackwater – a memorial track for a friend of theirs who passed away, which guitarist/vocalist DJ Vaters explains: “This is one of those songs that just wrote itself and came out of nowhere within about give minutes. One day I was speaking to my old friend’s brother, and he reminded me that Charles passed away five years ago. Shortly after that conversation I cracked a beer, picked up the guitar and this song basically appeared in front of me. We grew up in Dominion, Nova Scotia, and here on our local beach because; there were coal mining communities all around us — coal dust would wash up on our beaches — this is what Blackwater is. Sonically I wanted this song to be powerful and memorable, an anthem to our old friend.”