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Late-Night TV Music (Real Opposites Edition) | March 14, 2019

Better Oblivion Community Center and half•alive keep in real interesting.

Keeping it real is almost always a good thing. But keeping it real interesting never hurts either. Both of those options were on offer during Thursday’s two late-night talk-show musical numbers. If you like your tunes rootsy, earthy and honest, your only real option was Better Oblivion Community Center on The Late Late Show With James Corden, where the singer-songwriter duo of Bright EyesConor Oberst and rising-star Phoebe Bridgers led their band through a typically rough-hewn version of the tempo-shifting Sleepwalker from their recent self-titled album. Of course, if you prefer your pop to be weird and wonderful, you’ll want to check out California trio half•alive, whose performance of their single still.feel on Jimmy Kimmel Live involved multiple settings, synchronized dance moves and some creative camera work and editing. Take your pick. Or enjoy them both. They’re definitely keepers.