Welcomes You To A Beautiful Eternity

The British multi-talent's single was inspired by Black Mirror's San Junipero episode. crafts a utopian future among psychedelic tapestries with his rapturous, sweeping new single and animated video Eternity — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Taking its inspiration from the evocative San Junipero episode of Black Mirror,’s second single Eternity — also the title track to his upcoming album — paints a vivid picture of a simulated reality suspended in the cloud for evermore. Here is a place where the cares of the real-world fade away, leaving behind a blissful technicolour existence. We are held, wrapped together in a comfort blanket of zeroes and ones.

Prepare to lose yourself here — you’ll want to stay in this ethereal soundscape. It’s a dream destination where a fine web of psyched-up, synth-esque guitars, sweet, hazy melodies, and other-worldly lyrics converge, teleporting you to a place where only real happiness and true freedom can ever reign — the wondrous realm of Eternity.

The rich sonic alchemy of Eternity is brought to life by the father-son production duo of Tom Powell and Steve Powell (Strands, John Power, Stairs). The single was mixed by Roy Merchant (Omar, M.I.A., Basement Jaxx), and mastered by the illustrious Howie Weinberg (Blur, White Stripes, Vaccines).

Eternity showcases the musical talents of Tom Powell (Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band) on vocals, guitar, and bass, and the rhythmic prowess of Jake Woodward (Nova Twins, Peter Perrett) with an infectious and compelling drum groove.

Considered questioning is the life-cycle of Powell’s songwriting. Personal lines of enquiry and wide open discussions — they pinpoint the truths of his debut album Eternity. But across its 10 tracks, you get the distinct feeling it’s not definitive answers he’s after; it’s understanding ears and a simpatico mindset. Tom is an artist in search of something, something like resolution, something that can only be truly accomplished with the listener’s own lived experience.

Sonically speaking, Eternity is a collection of powerful songs that draw upon the very best kind of Anglo-American exchange: Scouse and Californian psychedelic accomplices, their wayward journey guided by resonance from Liverpool to the West Coast, somewhere between the ’60s and the ’90s.

Tom’s musical output is much less of a question and more of an inevitability, his artistic path was destined from the start. The son of a cult record producer, he started writing songs at age three. His artistic nomme de guerre is

Watch the video for Eternity about listen to the track below, pre-order the album HERE, and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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