Eriel Indigo Rings The Rebel Bell

The musical rebel continues to push boundaries and buttons on her new single.


Eriel Indigo makes some noise with her defiant new single Rebel Bell — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Using bouncy electronic melodies and boom-bap percussion, the inventive soundscape perks up the ears from the get go. Rattly, hard-hitting drums are paired with a powerful, aggressive synth bass that draws you in and lifts you up. Vocally, Indigo further shows off her prowess, with a confident and resolute performance that is drenched in personality and grit. Her combination of rapping and singing is heightened with impressive vocal harmonies that are simultaneously eerie and angelic. This new direction that Eriel is taking on as a solo artist is sure to spark chatter, as she becomes a pioneer of her own signature sound. Rebel Bell was written by Indigo, produced by Kevn Blvk and co-produced/mixed by Jonathan Hakakian.

“I believe that it’s essential that unifying music be propped up and that more artists who address difficult issues are given a platform for our messages to be shared with a society struggling to process and reunify,” Indigo says. “The arts have always been an important arena for confronting who we are, asking important questions, and sharing powerful ideas. This rings true to me now more than ever. Music connects culture, creativity, and open dialogue. With this song, I am starting, albeit in a playful way, what I consider to be an important discussion and I’m excited for listeners to accept my invitation, regardless of what reaction it might provoke in their hearts.”

Indigo is a Los Angeles-based music visionary and creative activist who has gained a reputation for her unique brand of audiovisual expression and immersive performances. Eriel uses her position as a socially conscious artist to combine education with entertainment, writing thought provoking tracks that shift her audience from passive listeners to engaged participants. Her empowering anthems offer cathartic release, promoting productive rebellion and intentional evolution, driving change and challenging societal norms through the power of music and art. Eriel does not limit herself to music, expanding past her primary form of expression to create through various mediums, including directing her own high-concept music videos.

With elements of hip-hop, and influence from punk, EDM and alt-pop all intertwined within her musical genetics, Indigo brings a singular sound and style, characterized by high-energy anthems, provocative lyrical content, and compelling visuals. Her work has flourished into a narrative of personal and cultural journeys, inviting deeper observation and understanding while challenging programmed perceptions.

In 2014, Eriel debuted with her single Innocence, which was released on Revolt alongside an accompanying video. She carried this momentum into her five-track EP Elevate, which garnered a nomination for Best International EP at the Unsigned Music Awards. In 2018, Eriel formed a collaborative project called Whyt Rbbt with West Coast bass producer An-Ten-Nae. Together, they released multiple singles, including Immaculate Heart and Revolution, which both saw a great deal of streaming success.

Currently, Indigo is gearing up for the release of her forthcoming LP, the 16-track album Angels & Aliens. Through her art, she serves as a sacred clown and cultural contrarian, reflecting, empowering, and uniting her audience while offering catharsis through music and play.

Check out Rebel Bell above, hear more from Eriel Indigo below, and follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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