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Van Morrison’s Accentuate The Positive Tops Today’s Album Announcements

Van The Man is shakin' all over on the first preview of his new classic covers album.

Yeah, I know: A new Van Morrison album isn’t exactly front-page news. After all, the guy churns them out pretty regularly — his upcoming release Accentuate The Positive will be his 45th studio release, according to the press bumpf.

And yeah, I know: Van the Man hasn’t exactly been living up to the title of that album for the past little while. But despite all his faults, I still have a soft spot for the old curmudgeon — especially when he releases gems like his new cover of the Johnny Kidd And The PiratesShakin’ All Over, the album’s first single. It is reportedly one of a slate of rock ’n’ roll classics on the LP, which also includes The Johnny Burnette Trio’s Lonesome Train (featuring Jeff Beck and Chris Farlowe), Big Joe Turner’s Flip, Flop and Fly, The CometsShake, Rattle and Roll and Little Richard’s Lucille (featuring Taj Mahal). Says Morrison: “Rock ‘n’ roll is about simplicity, sincerity and expressive power and there’s no way you can get away from that. That’s why it’s good and that’s why it’s lasted. It’s spirit music.” I guess we’ll find out for ourselves when it comes out Nov. 3. Meanwhile, scroll down to read the rest of the upcoming releases announced today:


September 15

Bolt Gun | The Tower
Freddy Charles | Pre War Blues
The Delay in the Universal Loop | Ninne Nanne
Kipps and Bowditch | Fogou
Cassandra Miller | Traveller Song / Thanksong
Through Mists | Homicidal Hamsters

September 22

Gabe ‘Nandez | H​.​T. III
Penny Rimbaud | Acts of Love / Mikado Koko | Songs To Our Other Selves Vinyl
Gary Schmidt | Afterthoughts

September 29

Alicja-Pop | I’m Here I’m There / Not Gonna Be Dumb
Kara Cole | Waiting On You EP
Empty Head | Tales Of A Modern Man EP
Angelina Hunter Trio | Let It Slide
The Orb & David Gilmour | Metallic Spheres In Colour Reissue
Taotopia | Glitch

October 6

Jesse Dietschi | Gradient
Fires In The Distance | Air Not Meant For Us Instrumental
Gyasi | 23 EP
River Nelson & AltoBeats | We Should Escape
The Pleasure Dome | Equinox
Somerdale | Let’s Get Started
Hawksley Workman | Lover/Fighter

October 13

Ross Christopher & Eddy Ruyter | The Dawning
Crabe | Visite Du Temple Inné
Institute | Ragdoll Dance
The Moth Project | Music / Pictures / Words
Panik Deluxe | Without Hope I Am Nothing
Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus | Big Red Gibson

October 20

Stu Bangas | Death Wish Part II
The Cadillac Three | The Years Go Fast
In A Forest Dark | Buried Giant Reissue
Brendan Perry | Eye Of The Hunter Reissue
Brendan Perry | Live At The I.C.A.
Ronia | String Along
J Smith | Baby Farm EP
The Spacelords | Nectar Of The Gods
Various Artists | Let The Bad Times Roll: A Tribute To The Replacements
Various Artists | Stop What You’re Doing

October 27

Siavash Amini | Eremos
Robin Antunes & Benjamin Garson | Trablos
The Bros. Landreth | Let it Lie: 10th Anniversary Acoustic Edition
Casisdead | Famous Last Words
Bruce Hornsby | Spirit Trail Expanded Reissue
Howlin’ Circus | Creature
Magnolia Park | Halloween Mixtape II
Mildred Maude | CPA I-III Reissue
Mildred Maude | Microclimates EP
Oscean | Chronium Radiance
Frank Sinatra | Platinum
Tortuga | Iterations
Various Artists | Solar: Sun Ra in Brasil
Wild Nothing | Hold

November 3

Actress | LXXXVIII
Joey Alexander | Continuance
Earth | Earth 2​.​23 Special Lower Frequency Mix
Neal Francis | Francis Comes Alive
Jockstrap | I<3uqtinvu
Kill The King | Kill The King
Van Morrison | Accentuate The Positive
Mortuary Drape | Black Mirror
Ndox Electrique | Tëdd ak Mame Coumba Lamba ak Mame Coumba Mbang
NecroticGoreBeast | Repugnant
Old Fire | Iterations
School of The Gifted | Semester V: Dialog
Searows | End Of The World EP
Susie Tallman | Let’s All Sing!

November 10

Amby Downs | Ngunmal
Cloud Management | V.A.
Ex Everything | Slow Change Will Pull Us Apart
John Francis Flynn | Look Over The Wall, See The Sky
Cecilia Lopez & Ingrid Laubrock | Maromas
Tor Lundvall | Last Light
Maison Blanche | Food For Soul
NTsKi | Calla
Okan | Okantomi
Cat Power | Cat Power Sings Dylan: The 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert
JC Sanford | New Past (ft. Anthony Cox & Michael Cain)
Various Artists | Searchlight Moonbeam

November 17

Eddington Again | Naomi9
Various Artists | Solar: Sun Ra in Brasil Vinyl

November 24

Cruciamentum | Obsidian Refractions
Lal | Spectacular
Silent Angel | Unyielding, Unrelenting
Miles Spilsbury | Light Manoeuvres

December 1

Gonzalez Smith | Roll Up A Song
Harp | Albion
Oro | Vid V​ä​gs Ände
Walking Corpse | Our Hands, Your Throat

January 19

Keyon Harrold | Foreverland