leo. Comes Around On Irreplaceable You

The singer-songwriter takes a healing journey through self-doubt on his latest single.


leo. has a romantic epiphany over the course of his heartwarming new single and video Irreplaceable You — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Centred around a gentle, upbeat piano that bounces from chord to chord, the laest track from the ascendant singer-songwriter instantly captures your attention with his luxuriant vocals, well-penned lyricism, and angelic harmonies — all designed to draw you further in to a surprisingly bittersweet journey of self-doubt. As the song builds to its healing realization, the piano is joined by gentle drums and bass, lifting the wistful vocal even further and drenching it in pretty nostalgia.

Irreplaceable You is about accepting the idea that love can be a good thing, no matter how much you were hurt in the past,” leo. says. “It’s the last single I’m releasing from my debut album A New One and I feel like it really encapsulates what the album represents for me. Much like the album is a journey through very complicated feelings, the song itself is also a journey through realizing I was irreplaceable.

“I wrote the first half of it a couple months apart from when I finished it, and I guess I grew and learnt a lot in those couple months. The result was one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written, and Ed Allen’s production (and piano playing!) elevated it to a final version I’m so so proud of.”

leo. has seen a great deal of success both in his streaming performance and his dedicated fanbase. Hailing from Portugal and the U.K., the acoustic singer-songwriter has a happy melancholy attitude that creates a safe space that listeners lose themselves in as they relate to the lyrics and plucky attitude. Emerging from rigorous classical training, leo. recorded his first single in 2018 from his bedroom. His 2019 single Despair lifted the artist to over 30 million streams, laying the foundation for his sound. Lush harmonies, gorgeous instrumentation and nostalgia that enticed fans from Day 1.

Following the release of Drink My Soul in 2021 and Letters From Dreamland in 2022, leo. teamed up with indie label ADSRecords to take his sound to stage. His fan community is like a broad family, becoming constantly better connected as leo. grows as an artist and an icon. The artist now sets his sights on his biggest offering to date, coming later this year.

Watch the video for Irreplaceable You above, sample more tunes from leo. below, and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.


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