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Celestine Liu | Precious: Exclusive EP Premiere

Enjoy a trio of new musical gems from the multi-talented mezzo-soprano.

Celestine Liu shares a Precious gift with her exquisitely crafted, sonically luxurious new EP — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

Weaving a vast tapestry of stylistic concepts and themes, this multi-talented mezzo-soprano singer-songwriter presents a trio of tracks spanning multiple genres — pop, EDM, hip-hop, and classical — that unite to bring listeners a wondrous musical and emotional experience.

The opening title track features a fusion of contemporary Western melodies and traditional Eastern harmonies played on guzheng and erhu. With its deep groove and pulsating beat, the bass hits the listener and maintains an irresistible pulse as it entices them to dance. The snapping kick sample, along with the song’s compelling dynamic aspects, make the cut a fine addition any club playlist.

Second song Rain On The Window builds off an R&B vibe, expertly massaged and shaped into a down-tempo love ballad. The syncopated rhythm creates a unique flow which allows Liu to explore vocal concepts as she leaves you hanging onto each cadence. Ultimately, she mesmerizes listeners with her tender, elegant and subtly sultry voice.

The final number Struggle bridges the gap between hip-hop and opera. Liu uses her borderline-operatic approach to fill the space left by guest vocalist Vas Angelov, making Struggle a full-sounding, dynamic track that can appeal to multiple audiences.

Check out Precious above, hear more from Celestine Liu below, read her 20 Questions interview HERE and connect with her via Instagram and Facebook.