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Now Hear This: Chris Bullinger | How To Bleed

The singer-guitarist taps into a rich vein of rugged, rough-and-ready Americana.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Chris Bullinger has released his latest full-length, How To Bleed, a 12-track collection that examines the human condition, exploring the emotions and the struggles of a man aiming to persevere while being dealt an intricate hand. Despite the subjects, Bullinger creates a positive atmosphere, even amid life’s challenges, through effervescent lyrics and an informal and casual songwriting approach.

Lou Reed made an album a while back with just two guitars, a bass, and a drum,” Bullinger says, regarding the straightforward approach to the album. “It is strange to think that that was a crazy concept. His point was, what else do ya really need? I agreed, so that’s what we did on How To Bleed.”

Bullinger’s personality, which runs rampant throughout How To Bleed, can possibly be best described by one phrase: Chris doesn’t like being told what he can’t do. His musical talent has consistently demonstrated an ability to perceive both the splendor and suffering in life, and present them in tandem with his own distinctive style. He posits that songwriting is built on three fundamental pillars: observation, deep empathy, and rhythmic expression.

As such, he is a discerning chronicler of human experiences, frequently honing in on a single, significant moment, empathetically engaging with it, and then amplifying that instance through rhythm. This perspective on life is palpable on the album’s title track as well as the singles Flowers in the Rain and Up On Blocks. “This story ends about the way it begins with a slightly different attitude, which — like in life — makes all the difference,” Bullinger said.

Produced by Josh Halper and Harrison Luna and engineered and mixed by Drew Carroll, both tracks represent the second chapter of The Bomb Shelter Trilogy, named after the studio in Nashville where three full-lengths will be recorded. With radiant energy that exudes a carefree, happy environment built from a sometimes imperfect world, How To Bleed is an album that speaks to the common man’s heart.

Listen to How To Bleed below and keep up with Chris Bullinger on his website, Instagram and Facebook.


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