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Classic Album Review: Ten Benson | Benson Burner

The U.K. sleaze-rockers sound like a suicide pact between AC/DC and ZZ Top.


This came out in 2003 – or at least that’s when I got it. Here’s what I said about it back then (with some minor editing):


Alas, U.K. sleaze-rockers Ten Benson are not the long-awaited union of 10CC and George Benson.

But they are a lot like a suicide pact between AC/DC and ZZ Top — and you gotta love that. Same as you’ve gotta love their outrageously rocking self-titled North American debut disc Benson Burner, on which these trailer-trash wannabes shoplift every Southern rock and boogie-metal cliche and audaciously sell ’em right back to the Yanks that own ’em. Rocking the wife-beaters and trucker caps, cranking out the three-chord fuzz-grind riffs, bluesy Angus licks and four-on-the-floor Frank Beard beats by the pound, these grease monkeys make like Nashville Pussy jamming on stag night as they spend their 42 minutes of studio time drinking too much, thinking too little and barking out brilliantly idiotic odes to teenage lust, war, the Devil, robot tourists and rock cottages (don’t ask). I’d accuse them of being cynically ironic, if I thought they were smart enough to know what cynicism and irony are. Either way, Ten Benson prove once and for all that being a hillbilly loser has less to do with your state of residence than your state of mind.


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