Late-Night TV Music (Feast For The Senses Edition) | Jan. 22, 2020

Weeknd turns on the lights while Elbow bring the noise and heat to Wednesday.

Can you have a feast with just two courses? Maybe when it’s a feast for the senses — which is what you got from Wednesday’s late-night TV offerings. For most folks, the main course would probably be The Weeknd’s stormy performance of his heartland rock-fuelled single Blinding Lights on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which came complete with thunder and lightning, blowing leaves and makeup designed to make you think somebody punched out Abel Tesfaye’s lights. But I was just as impressed to take in underappreciated British rock crew Elbow’s majestic and powerful rendition of White Noise White Heat on on The Late Show With James Corden. Not bad for a bunch of guys who look like Ricky Gervais on holiday. Anyway, bon appetit.