Heather Christine Is Happy Just To Be Walking With You

The Canadian jazz vocalist puts her best foot forward on her latest single & video.


Heather Christine takes you on a romantic stroll in her new single and video Walking With You — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

An ode to the golden age of crooners, the Mississauga jazz singer’s uplifting gem was inspired by vocal legends like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Judy Garland. In addition to drawing on the careers of giants, it was recorded and produced by renowned Canadian producer and pianist Bill King.

Not surprisingly, Walking With You came together during the pandemic as Heather took walks with her husband, the accomplished musician Matt Zaddy. “It’s what got me through that rough time,” says Christine. “Just that time out of the house with him was enough to spark my creativity and let me know we would be OK.”

Exquisite melodies and relentless energy elevate Walking With You into a swinging spectacle for the senses. The precision of the rhythm section is performed by Mark Kelso on drums and Pat Collins on acoustic bass, allowing the listener to be swept away to a time of dance halls, Broadway songs and big bands.

Recorded at Inception Sound in Toronto, Walking With You was a growing period for Heather as an artist. “When we were recording together, Bill helped me to create a new ending for the song right on the spot,” says Heather. “Bill works in the moment, as they say. There were musical developments that happened spontaneously. The whole session was so fast as Mark Kelso and Pat Collins nailed their parts in the first two takes. I left the session floating on a cloud.”

Dynamic rhythms and cozy pianos set the backdrop for Christine’s vocal performance, which acts as a demonstration of her raw musical talent and ability to capture the magic in her lyrics:

“Maybe good news, or some real blues
But what stays true, I’m loving you
Life is wonderful when I’m walking with you”

The video for Walking With You was shot by L.A. filmmaker Eric Soto, and funded by the Mississauga Arts Council. As Heather says, “The music video was a salute to old Hollywood. The video features my former dance partner Rob Halley from Canada’s Wonderland, and it also enabled me to brush up on my dance steps and get me dancing again!”

Heather is an award-winning vocalist, composer, entertainer and budding producer. Her dynamic stage presence and soulful voice have taken her to stages and festivals all over Canada. As a recording artist, her original sound fuses jazz with elements of R&B and pop. She is the proud recipient of the Best New Artist Award presented by Mississauga Music in 2018. Her 2019 debut album Love in Colour garnered international attention and airplay. Heather is currently writing and recording her second album, Soul Call.

Watch the video for Walking With You above, sample more sounds from Heather Christine below, and cruise by her website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.


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