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Albums Of The Week: Brother Of Monday | Brother Of Monday

One-half of the garage-rock duo Von Hayes returns to rescue lo-fi from stagnation.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Just when you think the term lo-fi has become ridiculously overused or completely misrepresented by the masses, and you start getting that nagging urge to remove the lo-fi hashtag from every single social media post you ever hurdled into the online world, and smack every doofus who dares using the term in public with a slightly wet newspaper — here comes Brother Of Monday to the rescue.

Who is Brother of Monday? Well, it’s Peter Bothum from Newark, Delaware. And who is Peter Bothum? Well, you might (or might not) know him as one-half of the prolific and eccentric GBV-inspired garage-rock duo Von Hayes, who have appeared in the pages a few times over the years. In his solo guise as Brother Of Monday, Bothum uses his four-track tape recorder to single-handedly save lo-fi from stagnation and predictability.

This eponymous solo album was self-released earlier this year, but since you probably missed it, here it is again, along with a new lyric video for one song. So don’t say he never gave you anything. And it might be a cheap shot to lean on comparisons, but let’s do it anyway, at least a little bit. What comes to mind while listening to thse tracks is the music of Mo Troper, Daniel Johnston and Chris Knox — and of course, Robert Pollard, Tobin Sprout and rest of vintage Guided By Voices. Some things never change, after all.”