Blake Little Is No Fan Of Spring

The up-and-coming Toronto singer-songwriter unleashes a darkly intense gem.

Blake Little admits Spring is not his time of year in his darkly intense new grunge-folk single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Spring captures the 22-year-old Toronto singer-songwriter’s reflections on the transitional season, evoking a mix of melancholy, forward-thinking and introspection. With his undeniable passion for a story and a unique low-fi sound, Little delivers an emotionally charged cut that explores the complexities of heartbreak, personal growth and the fleeting nature of life.

Unafraid to bare his soul through this new single, Little explains that Spring is about relationships that end due to circumstances beyond their control, and cherishing the good moments in life before they pass us by. ” ‘Sometimes our lives compromise what we hold dear’ — It’s not the most complex line, but it’s probably my favorite in the song,” he admits.

Little’s poignant lyrics also draw inspiration from the film Blow, paraphrasing a memorable line from Ray Liotta’s character: “Sometimes you’re flush, and sometimes you’re bust, and when you’re up, it’s never as good as it seems, and when you’re down, you never think you’ll be up again, but life goes on.”

“Sometimes you’re up
Never good as it seems
Mr. Jung told me years ago
I finally know what he means.
Don’t get me wrong
It wasn’t long between you and me
I think I miss more what we could have been.”

Sonically, Spring marks a fresh sound for Little. As an artist, he has always strived to experiment and push the boundaries of his style. That versatility allows the song to draw on multiple genres and sounds. Grungy distorted electrics, a low-end pumping bass, and simple yet solid, hard-hitting drums accompany his emotionally fitting vocals. This modest combination allows Little’s vocals and lyrics to stay at the top of the song without interference.

Little’s musical journey began at a young age when he discovered his love for singing and playing guitar. In the studio, he performed every instrument on Spring apart from the drums. This hands-on approach allows him to experiment and form control, bringing his unique musical direction to life.

Check out Spring above, sample more from Blake Little below, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.