Jont | I Think It Could Be Possible: Exclusive Video Premiere

The Halifax singer-songwriter's inspirational single previews his upcoming album.


Jont issues a collective creative challenge with his new lyric video for the single I Think It Could Be Possible — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A preview of the Halifax-based singer-songwriter’s upcoming 11th studio album Thank You For The Medicine, the inspirational folk-pop track shares the hopeful message that “all of us together can change the way the world works.”

“So many people seem to think things are so bad right now, and are giving up hope that we can have any positive impact on our world,” Jont says. “I say, don’t get swept away by disempowering goals of changing the collective chaos caused by humanity. Instead, effect positive change on the world around you right now by changing how you relate to the world — by addressing the inequality you see every day around you (and) healing the wounded parts of you that stop you from being as loving and kind as happy as you would like to be. If everyone did that, imagine what our world would be like.”

The British-born artist hopes to accomplish this is by inviting fans around the world to download I Think It Could Be Possible (gratis!) and submit a video of their version covering it via his website.

“I’m excited to see takes on this song from around the world,” he says. “This is a fun and surprisingly effective way to bring positivity into a trying time. I can’t wait to see them. All of the videos are beautiful.”

I Think It Could Be Possible is the first single from Jont’s forthcoming full-length Thank You For The Medicine. The release features contributions from a bevy of talented and musically inclined friends from around the world, including Grammy Award-winning mix engineer Mark Lawson. While the album was written following Jont’s own time of turmoil and triumph — which included pausing his globetrotting life after connecting with his young daughter, his father’s untimely passing, and a life-changing series of transformative meditation/Vipassana retreats — Jont considers the song and album a mindfully relevant offering to his audience amid the current viral outbreak.

“Perhaps this is the sort of record the world needs right now,” he had considered, even before the global onset of coronavirus. “Never before has the world’s conversation been as aware and tuned into issues of healing, trauma, and the power of the human heart as it is now. Full of exultant, sensuous, and playful music, these songs speak to us evocatively and precisely about the journey from being mired in pain to being suffused with relief.”

Watch I Think It Could Be Possible above and connect with Jont on his website, Facebook and Instagram.