Glen Foster Cruises Down A Different Highway

The B.C. singer-songwriter offers a sneak peek at his Unnatural Tendencies album.

Glen Foster takes a wistful glance in the rear-view mirror as he heads down a Different Highway from love in his latest single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A preview of the Nanaimo, B.C. singer-songwriter’s upcoming album Unnatural Tendencies, Different Highway waxes introspective and philosophical on a musician’s life. “The concept is that musicians may be on a different highway, but still chasing the same old dream,” Foster explains.

A work in progress for some 20 years, the song naturally draws inspiration from the veteran musician’s own life on the road. “When you’re on the circuit, you end up coming back to the same cities, seeing the same faces:”

“That was me you saw for a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of your eye
You were standing in line with him waiting there
When I went shuffling by
You looked so cute when I caught your glance
Your ticket in your hand
I knew you were excited to see me again
Here on my one-night stand.”

Using a 12-string electric guitar to imbue the song with a jangling twang reminiscent of Roger McGuinn or George Harrison, Foster purposely recreates a ’60s Summer of Love vibe on Different Highway. Meanwhile, the video features performance footage interspersed with beautiful driving scenes on Vancouver Island, with Foster quite rightly “behind the wheel, moving ahead.”

Foster is a DIY kinda guy. He writes his own songs, sings, plays multiple instruments, books his own gigs, and promotes and produces for his own record label and publishing company. He’s been an instrument repairman, salesman, teacher, and a music student with two silver medals from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Foster has been performing professionally for more than 40 years, and has released nine original albums of his own compositions — hence the title of Unnatural Tendencies, his tenth album.

Watch the video for Different Highway above, hear more from Glen Foster below, and keep up with him on his website, Twitter and Facebook.