Altered By Mom Grab Your Attention With A Short, Sharp Ahem

The Toronto pop-rock power couple clear the air with their latest EP.


Altered By Mom fill the musical void with the explosive Ahem of their new EP — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Altered By Mom are an alt-rock/indie duo from Toronto that combine a knack for infectious melodies and classic songwriting with a quirky sense of humor and a tongue-in-cheek post-grunge aesthetic. They sound like Alanis Morissette, Oliva Rodrigo and Sloan chowing down on a party sub in the security line at YYZ. Fresh off the success of their 2021 collection 52 Songs, the musical power couple Gina Kennedy and Devon Lougheed take centre stage with the newly released Ahem.

Opening track Gwendolyn is inspired by “the feeling of being overwhelmingly in love with someone and having your mind consistently blown by how amazing they are,” according to Lougheed. The song perfectly combines the best parts of the ’90s with undeniable pop hooks. The home-brewed music video offers a nostalgic time machine trip for anyone who sat glued to MuchMusic’s Countdown in its heyday.

Photo by Cassandra Popescu.

Ahem is a metaphorical throat clearing, a demand for attention, and a command of the floor. 52 Songs was a multi-course meal, the four tracks on Ahem are a power snack, like a banana with a Red Bull chaser, an amuse-bouche for the ears. The singles Dive In, Everygirl, Waiting On A Sign That’s Already There and now Gwendolyn are compelling, fun, and introspective songs about self-belief, pursuing love, and embracing the weird and wonderful in life.

Watch the video for Gwendolyn above, sample Ahem below, and find Altered By Mom on their website, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.


Photo by Cassandra Popescu.

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