Keturah Allgood | Radio: Exclusive Premiere

The North Carolina singer-songwriter celebrates the airwaves in her latest single.

Keturah Allgood cranks up the Radio and tunes out the world in her soulful and uplifting new single — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The latest preview of the North Carolina Americana singer-songwriter’s upcoming album Shine, Radio celebrates the magical power of the airwaves to provide relief from harsh cacophony of contemporary life — and as a healing, unifying force of joy and inspiration. Speaking of inspiration, Allgood found hers in an experience that will be familiar to many with aging relatives.

Radio was a song I started when I was taking care of my grandparents,” Allgood shares. “They were both in the last years of their lives and it was a great privilege to be able to have that time with them. As it goes with old age, my grandfather’s hearing had started to go and he watched the television with the volume cranked to 100. He loved to watch the news, and day after day, night after night, the news pundits would argue about he state of the world and how awful everything was.

“I found that I could avoid all of this by putting some ear buds in and cranking up the volume of the music I was streaming from some of my favourite local radio stations. It was such a stark difference of reality between the television and the music. The television was spouting hate, how the world was beyond repair and it was just this horrific doom and gloom. Meanwhile, the radio was playing songs like Micheal Franti’s Sound of Sunshine, Mavis StaplesYou Are Not Alone, Valerie June’s Astral Plane. It just felt like the radio was this salve for the wounds of the world. I started forming the song Radio in that moment of realization.” Or, as she puts it in the lyrics:

Photo by Mike Moore.

“I’m gonna turn the radio up real loud
So I can drown out bout’ every sound
That the world keeps makin’ all day long
I’m gonna make it disappear with one little song
Music has the power to tear down these walls
Bring us all together, unite our souls
We’re not as different as they’d have us believe
Throw down your armour baby and just
Let it be, let it be.”

Granted, it’s not easy being a proponent for positivity these days. With the distrust and divide that plagues the populace, finding a reason for optimism seems out of reach for many and even untenable at times.

With that in mind, Allgood deserves both credit and gratitude for attempting to shine some light on an otherwise uncertain scenario. Shine, her emotionally uplifting new album — and her first release in 17 years — does all its title implies, courtesy of songs that offer affirmation, optimism and reason for singular celebration. “I love to express the importance of kindness and compassion,” she says. “I feel like it is insanely important, especially in today’s toxic and divisive climate, to promote as much love as you can.”

The album, due Aug. 25, is not only unceasingly uplifting and anthemic, but also part of a musical mantra that Keturah can share from her perspective. Throughout the album, she expresses the hopes and aspirations so consistent with what she considers her calling — that is, to share sentiments that will hopefully inspire all those in need of some hope amidst the happenstance.

“When I was writing the songs for this record, I felt like were were facing a worldwide epidemic of suffering,” she recalls. “It seemed at times like there is no hope on the horizon and we were just doomed to stay in the cycle of endless darkness. I really wanted people to see and feel and believe that relief from all that doom and despair is within reach, if only we’re willing to take advantage of the beautiful, brilliant light that radiates within each of us. It’s all about tapping into that light and letting it shine out into the world. I know that making this album has helped transform me personally. It helped heal me and make me more radiant and reassured as a result.”

Photo by Jeremy Ryan.

Recording during the covid crisis and the perils of the pandemic, Keturah enlisted a talented crew. The album was recorded at Omni Sound Studios in Nashville with William Gawley producing and Pat McGrath as co-producer. Bryce Roberts served as vocal engineer while Jared Conrad is credited as tracking engineer. The contributing musicians include drummer Wayne Killius, piano and keyboard player Dane Bryant, Pat McGrath on acoustic guitar and mandolin, Dave Francis on bass, Dave Flint on electric guitars, and Deanie Richardson on fiddle. Backing vocals by Carrie Morrison, Bradford Carson and Carolyn Bane were recorded at Falling Waters Studio, with Brad Rudolph engineering those sessions. Their combined efforts resulted in a rich, riveting album, one informed by both passion and purpose, and which, in turn, taps the talents of all those involved.

“I consider this my rebirth, a welcome return,” she reflects. “This is the first record that really reflects who I am as an artist and individual. When you’ve been doing this as long as I have, your music becomes a reflection of your life’s journey. Part of that realization comes with age and maturity, but at the same time, it also comes from digging deep into your soul in order to discover who you are as an individual, and what you want to project into the world. I believe in being as open as I can and hopefully bringing some kindness and compassion, especially at a time when it’s sorely needed. Music can unite us, and I’d like to feel that I played a role in bringing that bond to full fruition.”

Check out Radio above, find it on your preferred streamer HERE, and keep up with Keturah Allgood on her website, Instagram and Facebook.