Brooklyn Blackmore | Been There Too: Exclusive Premiere

The country-pop artist shares an uplifting anthem of empathy & empowerment.

Brooklyn Blackmore lets sexual assault survivors know she’s Been There Too in her unforgettable and uplifting new single — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

Written by Blackmore and Jordyn Pollard, the Canadian singer-songwriter’s latest work is a soaring anthem of empowerment and empathy, combining a rich midtempo country-pop track with bravely honest and deeply personal lyrics that tackle the emotional and physical aftermath of a life-changing trauma faced by countless women:

“It’ll never cross your mind until it happens to you
Was it someone that you loved or someone who barely knew you?
Took your innocence away, this sad story sounds the same
Just act like nothing happened, it’s just another day

“Never walk alone in darkness, with your keychain by your side
Watching every single movement of each person passing by
Maybe one day that will change, but for now just play it safe …

“If you choose to speak up, just know that I believe ya
Cause I’ve been there too, been down and blue
But I got off the ground …
I’ve been there too, but I made it through.”

“Writing Been There Too was a huge part of a long healing process for me surrounding my experience with SA,” Blackmore says. “I found solace in songwriting and finally was able to face these scary feelings in a creative way that made me feel safe. I was inspired to write this song to help other survivors feel hopeful in their healing journey by knowing that they are not alone.”

Influenced both by the old-school mystical style of Stevie Nicks and modern artists like Miley Cyrus, Blackmore delivers captivating and clever lyrics, dynamic vocals, and powerful melodies with a vintage feel. She won the Global Country Star Search in 2016, and Female Vocalist of the Year and Female Entertainer of the Year at the North American Country Music Association International in 2017.

Been There Too was recorded in Nashville, produced by Matt McClure and Aaron Goodvin, and mixed and mastered by McClure. Check out the song above, hear more from Brooklyn Blackmore below, and join her on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.