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Next Week in Music | May 22-28 • The Long List: 450+ Releases On The Way

All the music you'll be listening to in the coning days — and plenty more you won't.


It’s a big day to celebrate some classic releases: CSNY’s unforgettable Ohio was released on this day in 1970, Marvin Gaye’s biggest artistic statement What’s Going On arrived exactly a year later, Chuck Berry recorded his gem Maybellene on this date in 1955, and Adele notched her first No. 1 hit with Rolling In The Deep in 2011. At least one of those should get you through the day — and these 450-plus new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes will get you through the rest of the week:



Acidgvrl | Kumo
AJJ | Disposable Everything
Akaiama | Drift4eva
Alex Exists | Everybody’s Famous (Except Me)
Allegri String Quartet | The Complete Argo Recordings
Nonso Amadi | When It Blooms
Amal | A New Dance (w/ The Khan & Nappynappa)
Ancient Ruins | Hexahedron
Androo | Club Salon Theatre
Angel​-​Ho | Angel-Ho
Alex Anwandter | El Diablo En El Cuerpo
Nascar Aloe | Hey Asshole! EP
Aphir | The Halo Is Shapeless
Appice Perdomo Project | Running Up That Hill
A Pretext To Human Suffering | Endless Cycle Of Suffering
Arctistic | Aniriniq
Arrival Of Autumn | Kingdom Undone
Arrows In Action | Built To Last
Ashnikko | Possession Of A Weapon
Astral Magic | Cosmic Energy Flow
Guvna B | The Village Is On Fire
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band | Hotline Bling b​/​w Murkit Gem Single
Loma Baja | Piscinas Verticales
The Ballet | Daddy Issues
Banc d’Parc | Le Cirque
Steve Banks | Emboldened
The Barnestormers | The Barnestormers
Ray Barretto | Que Viva La Música Vinyl Reissue
Bass Dreams Minus B | What Say
Batu | For Spirits EP
Baxter | Haunted EP
Bayonne | Temporary Time
Bell Orchestre | Who Designs Nature’s How
The Bevis Frond | The Long Stuff Reissue
Laila Biali | Your Requests, Vol. 1
Big TKS | X-Y-Z
Big Words | Nightmares Of A Stardom Dream
Brooklyn Blackmore | Been There Too Single
Black Country, New Road | Live at Bush Hall Vinyl
Kodak Black | Pistolz & Pearlz
Black Nail Cabaret & Friends | Woodland Memoirs
The Blackwood Apology | House Of Leather
Michael Blake | Dance of the Mystic Bliss
Blick Bassy | Madiba
Bliss Station | Bliss Station
Daniel Blumberg | Gut
Bolverk | Svarte Sekunder
Borghesia | Rugged City / Ogolelo Mesto Single
João Borsch | É Só Harakiri, Baby
Badiâa Bouhrizi | KahruMusiqa
Boy & Bear | Boy & Bear
Mark Bragg | Ashes
Oliwka Brazil | Big Mommy EP
Ben Bronson | I Shouldn’t Be Sharing This
Burial Hordes | Ruins
Burland | UK to GH
Burnt Offering | П​о​л​я​р​н​а З​о​р​я (Polaris)
Calexico | Feast of Wire 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Paul Callan | Over My Wishes
Izzy Camina | Ang3l Numb3rs EP
Mateus Carrilho | Paixão Nacional
Carry The Torch | Delusion
Casbah 73 | Doing Our Own Thing & To Be Free Remixes
Casey | Love Is Not Enough Reissue
Casey | Where I Go When I Am Sleeping Reissue
Ryan Cassata | Greatest Hits (So Far)
Cazayoux | Cazayoux
Cero | E O
Chain Of Flowers | Never Ending Space
Chapterhouse | Chronology
Che | CC
Chenayder | Blue Oblivion
Chewie | Inarticulate
Chiello | Mela Marcia
Juan Pastor Chinchano | Cachito
Clark | Sus Dog
Mike Clark | Plays Herbie Hancock
Clarko | Welcome To Clarko
Gerald Cleaver | 22 / 23
Cloak | Black Flame Eternal
Chenayder | Blue Oblivion EP
George Clanton | Justify Your Life
Cochise | No One’s Nice To me
Feli Colina | Los Infernales
Collective Fear | Truly Free at Last?
Shirley Collins | Archangel Hill
Dexter Colt | Train Of Thought
Dom Corleo | On My Own
Robert Craft | The Complete Columbia Album Collection
Beverley Craven | Memories: The Complete Epic Recordings 1990-1999
Croatian Amor | A Part of You in Everything
Charley Crockett | The Man From Waco Redux
Michel Ian Cummings | Oldest Troubles EP
Graham Czach | Originalien
Lucy Dacus | Historian Vinyl Reissue
Marie Dahlstrom | A Good Life
Dancefloor Classics | Vol. 3
D4vd | Petals To Thorns EP
Dave & Maurissa | Look At The Stars
Christof R Davis Housescapes
Michael Scott Dawson | Find Yourself Lost
Deep Dyed | Unmade Beds
Vladislav Delay | Hide Behind The Silence EP 3
Demob Happy | Divine Machines
Demotional | Scandinavian Aftermath
Destroy All Gondolas / Gutara Kyo | Split EP
Disillusive Play | Songs for the Non-Existent
The Dirty Nil | Free Rein To Passions
Divine Sweater | Down Deep (A Nautical Apocalypse)
Dragon Welding | Fictionary
Dreamcatcher | Apocalypse: From Us
María Dueñas | Beethoven and Beyond
Colin Dyer | 47ram Negativ65
Dying Phoenix | Winter Is Coming
Steve Earle & The Supersuckers | Steve Earle & The Supersuckers EP Reissue
Elegant Weapons | Horns For A Halo
Elizabeth | Live at Thornbury Theatre
Elynnor | Ennui
E.M.B.E.E. | Worry
Enhypen | Dark Blood
Ensemble Modelo62 | Battleship Potemkin
Entry | Exit Interview
Epic45 | Drakelow
Errortica | Sweat EP
Ethereal | Heat Death 4
Ethereal Void | Gods Of A Dead World
Karl Evangelista’s Apura | Ngayon
Eydís Evensen | The Light
The Exploding Hearts | Guitar Romantic Expanded & Remastered
Fat Westbrook + Cedric St. Louis | Castor + Pollux
La Faute | Blue Girl Nice Day
Kari Faux | Real B*tches Don’t Die
Fear-E/Posh End Music | The Pursuit Of All Wisdom
Feeble Little Horse | Girl with Fish
Sherry Finzer | The Heart Space
Fishbone | Fishbone EP
Lannie Flowers | Running
CJ Fly | Healing From Our Wounds
FMB DZ | P Rock Baby
Miya Folick | Roach
The Foreign Films | Magic Shadows
4th World Magazine III | Neoplatonic Aquatic Symposiums
Peter Fox | Love Songs
Mikey Fresh | In The Flesh
Fridge | Happiness Anniversary Edition
Fricky | Horizon Inn
The Fucking Champs | III 25th Anniversary Edition
Fury Weekend | Afterglow
RM.Gambill | Medium Fortune
John Eliot Gardiner | The Complete Erato Recordings
Gawthrop | Deterioration
Jim Ghedi & Toby Hay | Jim Ghedi & Toby Hay
Ghösh | Prismassive EP
Giants Dwarfs And Black Holes | In A Sandbox Full Of Suns
Austin Gillam | I’m Sorry, I’m Fine
Glaas | Cruel Heart, Cold Summer
Glia | Happens All The Time
Glitch | Towards The Gutter
Godsticks | This Is What A Winner Looks Like
Goodge | Echoes Of Yesterday
Good Looking Son | Confirmed Bachelor
Joe Grass | Falcon’s Heart
Billy Gray | Nowhere To Go (But Out Of My Mind) Reissue
Al Green | Call Me 50th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue
Stephen M. Green | Indecisive
Groovy D | Phase Shift EP
Groundation Meets Brain Damage | Dreaming From An Iron Gate Split
Guardian Singles | Feed Me To The Doves
Goya Gumbani | When The Past Bloomed
Andrey Guryanov | Anthems
Gustavoegatotv | Pista 5.0
Linley Hamilton | Ginger’s Hollow
Hammered Satin | Rock ‘N’ Roller / Rock ‘N’ Roll Angel AA​-​Side
Herbie Hancock | The New Standard (Vinyl Reissue)
Hand Model | Will Life Reign Supreme Even In Death
Gretel Hänlyn | Head of The Slug Club
Hanoi Rocks | The Days We Spent Underground 1981-1984
Hauras | The Gyre
Hayfitz | Delusional Single
Heart Attack Man | Freak Of Nature
Heinz | The White Tornado: The Holloway Road Sessions 1963-1966
Matthew Herbert | The Horse
Henge | Alpha Test 4
John Hewitt | Broken Rebels
High Desert Queen / Blue Heron | Turned To Stone Chapter 8: The Wake EP
HiTech | Détwat
Duncan Hopkins | Who Are You?
Hot Coppers | Hot Coppers
Human Adult Band | Castle Armadillo
Wata Igarashi | Agartha
James Ilgenfritz | #entrainments
Immortal | War Against All
Incendiary | Change The Way You Think About Pain
InHappy | Lakeshore
!ntoxicate | Sky High
IzangoMa | No Ma
Jaaw | Supercluster
Andy Jackson | Twelve Half Steps
Jam City | Jam City Presents EFM
Lauren Jauregui | In Between
JW-Jones | Everything Now
Joy | Joy Reissue
Jxckson | The Deep End EP
Junie & TheHutFriends | When It Rains
Justo The MC, Uncle Fester, DK | Where There’s Smoke
Kalmah | Kalmah
Isata Kanneh-Mason | Childhood Tales
Kapitány Máté | Almafa
Katta | Vox Organi
Kaycyy | TW20252 EP
Jon Keliehor & Signy Jakobsdottir | Winds of Change
Sabrina Kennedy | Wheel Of The Year EP
Kessoku Band 結束バンド | 光の中へ
Khamari | A Brief Nirvana
Kieli | From Summer to Spring
Carole King | Home Again
Kings Never Die | All the Rats
Kinlaw | Weld
Kool & The Gang | People Just Wanna Have Fun
Kostnatění | Úpal
Kutiman | Dense EP
John the Silent | War Variations
Khea | Serotonina
Kutiman | Dense
Bobby Labrecque | Don’t Smile Yet…
Lagoss | Imaginary Island Music Vol​.​2: Ascension
Nico Lahs | Holy Day EP
Harold Land | Damisi Reissue
Laptop Funeral | Something Blue
Larkhall | And You Were: Say You’re With Me Reworked
Leadfinger | No Room At The Inn 10th Anniversary Remaster
Monica Lee | You, Me & The Moon
Legion Of The Damned | The Poison Chalice
Dev Lemons | Delusional
Don Letts | Outta Sync
Lid Greyhound | The Foam
Lil Durk | Almost Healed
Kasia Lins | Po Trupach Do Ciebie
Live Skull | Party Zero
Lizki | Easy Single
Loose Sutures | Sado Sex for Dummies
Demi Lovato | Cool For the Summer (Rock Version)
Low Coast | Existing The Dream
Les Lullies | Mauvaise Foi
Lunacy | Universal Pressure EP
The Lurkers | First Ever Demos 1977
The Lurkers | Past & Future Landslide
Luvzee | Fuss
LV & Gio Baby | Origami
Lyre | Cry Wolf
Mad Doc | Boogie Heist
Makèz | Phases (Dego Remix ft. Dreamcastmoe)
Malombo Jazz Makers | Malompo Jazz Makers Reissue
Malombo Jazz Makers | Malombo Jazz Makers Vol. 2 Reissue
MamboLosco | Facendo Faccende
Manu Manzo | Luna en Geminis
Gia Margaret | Romantic Piano
Laura Marie | Too Sweet: Songs For Setting Boundaries EP
Asma Maroof, Patrick Belaga and Tapiwa Svosve | The Sport of Love
Mata | <33
Matchbox Twenty | Where the Light Goes
Maud The Moth & Trajedesaliva | Bordando El Manto Terrestre
Drew McDowall | Lamina
Wendy McNeill | First There Were Feathers
MeeeZ | [ red album ]
Sophie Meiers | Shine__Space
The Memberz | What Ah Joy Single
Merkel | 10 Emlék
Metal Church | Congregation of Annihilation
Metide | Erebos
Miranda And The Beat | Miranda And The Beat
Miss España | Niebla Mental
M’lumbo | The Summer of Endless Levitation
Austin Mo | Do Or Die EP
Noshir Mody | A Love Song
The Mon | Eye
Monaleo | Where The Flowers Don’t Die
Moneybagg Yo | Hard To Love: Heartless Edition
Moon Patrol | Mountain House Music
Moonwalks | Western Mystery Tradition
Kevin Morby | More Photographs (A Continuum)
Faizal Mostrixx | Mutations
Thelonious Monk & John Coltrane | Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane
Moonwalks | Western Mystery Tradition
Faizal Mostrixx | Mutations
Gordon Mote | Where You Lead Me
Mouche | Lake Songs
Nas | The Lost Tapes Vinyl Reissue
DJ Nate | Galaxy Impact
Nattverd | I Helvetes Forakt
Nevaris and Bill Laswell | Reverberations
NikNak | Resurface
Gianandrea Noseda / London Symphony Orchestra | Shostakovich: Symphonies Nos. 6 & 15
Nsqk | EME
Oceanlord | Kingdom Cold
Eliades Ochoa | Guajiro
Mike Oldfield | Tubular Bells 50th Anniversary Edition
Ondfødt | Det Österbottniska Mörkret
OneRepublic | Runaway
Maya Ongaku | Approach to Anima
The Orielles | The Goyt Method EP
Otik | Xoul Trap
Kassa Overall | Animals
Panic Pocket | Mad Half Hour
Dimitris Papageorgiou | Greek Bouzouki Classics
Slim Papi | Live Long & Prosper
Arlo Parks | My Soft Machine
Jeb Patton | Preludes
Pere Ubu | Trouble On Big Beat Street
Joe Perry | Sweetzerland Manifesto MKII
Alex Pester | Better Days
Maisie Peters | Two Weeks Ago
Phil:osophy | First Light
Phlebotomized | Clouds Of Confusion
Phoxjaw| Notverynicecream
Piper | What Is The Heart For?
Portraits Of Tracy | Drive Home
Tyler Posey | Unravel
Tito Puente | Mambo Diablo Vinyl Reissue
Quickly, Quickly | Easy Listening EP
Radiator Hospital | Can’t Make Any Promises
Will & James Ragar | One
DJ RaMeMes | Sem Limites
The Ramona Flowers | Hey You EP
Ransom & Nicholas Craven | Director’s Cut (Scene Four)
Raz & Afla | The Cycle Remixes
Red Axes | Relax Shiva
Renslink | !85 EP
Robinson & Rohe | Into the Night
Rosalie. | Motherlode
Magnus Rosén | Outside the Rock Box
Kevin Ross | Midnight Microdose Vol. 1 EP
Pierre Rousseau | Twenty: Music for Etudes N°20 – Spring Summer 2022
Ruïm | Black Royal Spiritism – I – O Sino De Igreja
Yotam Russo | Twilight Zone Disko
M. Sage | Paradise Crick
Loris S Sarid | A Tiny Reminder
Sarvekas | Woven Dark Paths
The Scary Jokes | Retinal Bloom
Scrimshire | Paroxysm
Brandon Seabrook’s Epic Proportions | Brutalovechamp
Secret Number | Doxa
Seven Impale | Summit
Seinabo Sey | The One After Me
Shellerini | Produkt Lokalny
She’s | Shepherd
Shindy | In Meiner Blüte
DJ Shocca | Sacrosanto
Shore | Life Is A Blur
Wayne Shorter | Footprints Live! Vinyl Reissue
Shrinkwrap Killers | Feed The Clones Pt. 1
Shy, Low | Babylonica EP
Silky Steps | I Like It, I Love It
Simply Red | Time
Michaela Slinger | This Can’t Last Forever
Sirenia | 1977
The Sisterhood | Gift Reissue
Leeann Skoda | Living Room Sessions EP
Sluds | Peabody // Reputation
Corina Smith | ​Triste Pero Siempre Mami
Lauren Spencer Smith | That Part
The Soft Boys | Nextdoorland Reissue
Som | Faith EP
Elizabeth Sombart / Royal Philharmonic Orchestra / Pierre Vallet | Mozart: Piano Concertos 20, 21, 23, 27
Souldia | Non Conventionnel
Souls Worn Thin | Kill Your TV
Sound Effects Of Death And Horror | Rossum Experimental Radio
Soundwalk Collective | All The Beauty And The Bloodshed
Sparks | The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte
Speedwhore | Visions Of A Parallel World
Spoils System | Smoke Signals
Squid | The Blades
Chris Staples | Cloud Souvenirs
Steely Dan | Countdown to Ecstasy Remastered
Stimmerman | Undertaking
Stormage | Ashes Of Doom
Tim Story | Moebius Strips Vinyl
Strange Horizon | Skur 14
Stuck | Freak Frequency
Keina Suda | Ghost Pop
Suffering Quota | Collide
Suicide | A Way of Life 35th Anniversary Edition
$uicideboy$ | Yin Yang Tapes: Winter Season (1989-1990) EP
Superabundance | Pitchy D’Lish b​/​w Slimtonee
Supersuckers | Must’ve Been High Demos Reissue
Supersuckers | Must’ve Been High Reissue
Supreme Echo | Blue Oil
BB Sway | How Will I Get There?
Sweat | Who Do They Think They Are?
Swervedriver | Petroleum Spirit Daze EP Reissue
Andy Sydow | Little Crown
Tame Impala | Lonerism 10th Anniversary Edition
Tarbox | Monochrome Dream
Tele Flûff | P. Jones Single
Gigi Testa | Jinja EP
Henry Threadgill Ensemble | The Other One
Kris Tidjan | Small Axes
Galen Tipton | Brain Scratch
TMSV | Bottle Pop
TOMC | True Life
Tomek | Fairlight And Funk Expanded
Bill Toms | Walking On Water Single
Tongues Of Mount Meru | Kalpa
Tooli | Traxx From The Vault Vol​.​1
Joey Trap | Ruff Ryder Deluxe
Troller | Drain
Tuv | Mazda!
Twin Princess | Blood Moon
Twisted Wizard | Tell Em’ Twizzy
Tony 2Milli | Così Ghiacciato Tony
Ugli | Girldick
Ultramarine | Send and Return
Riley Urbano & Savan DePaul | Improvised Weapons
Kassi Valazza | Kassi Valazza
Tony Valentino | Dirty Water Revisited
Various Artists | Aztec Records: Pure Synth Covers Vol​.​ 2
Various Artists | Daddy Rose Presents: Excelsior Empire
Various Artists | From Afar: Reworks
Various Artists | Let’s Stomp! Merseybeat and Beyond 1962-1969
Various Artists | NOW That’s What I Call Legendary
Various Artists | 140 Allstars Vol. 4
Various Artists | Playing For The Man At The Door: Field Recordings From The Collection Of Mack McCormick 1958​-​1971
Various Artists | Red Hot + Ra: A Tribute To Sun Ra Vol. 1 – Nuclear War
Various Artists | Turbonegro Must Be Destroyed
Various Artists | 28 Little Bangers from Richard Hawley’s Jukebox
Various Artists / Zeb Samuels | Cosmic Vibrations Vol​.​4
VersionZorak | Jerial’s Spear
Versus The World | The Bastards Live Forever
Roma Vjazemski | Golden Microphone From Rainy Sicily
Vice Beats | Aspects
Gae Vinci | Lovely Ballads
Violent Sin | Serpent​’​s Call
VividBad Squad | Sekai Album Vol.2
Joni Void | Parallax Error
The Voidz | Prophecy Of The Dragon
Vomitory | All Heads Are Gonna Roll
Vonavibe | Bleed To Life
Vorder | False Haven
Walk With Titans | Olympian Dystopia
Water From Your Eyes | Everyone’s Crushed
Charlier Weber & The Glorious Failures | Gold Never Stays
Whereisroamer | Voices
Asher White | New Excellent Woman
Whythre | Impregnate My Hate
Wide Color | Wide Color
Doug Wieselman | WA-Zoh
Mats Wikström | Det Är Över Nu
Kayla Williams | In Your Paradise Single
Winepride | Winepride
Wolf Eyes | Dreams In Splattered Lines
Wooden Tape | Music From Another Place
Wordcolour | Ratios I
Jay Worthy & Roc Marciano | Nothing Bigger Than The Program
Wstr | Til’ the Wheels Fall Off
Bunny X | Love Minus 80
Yet No Yokai | Wir Sind Da
Yonaka | Welcome To My House
Hideki Yoshimura 吉村秀樹 | Selected Solo Works
Lola Young | My Mind Wanders and Sometimes Leaves Completely
Yuksek | Dance’O’Drome
Oleksandr Yurchenko | Recordings Vol. 1, 1991​—​2001
Die Zimmermänner | Die Zimmerm​ä​nner Spielen Skafighter
Zoo Gazer | 動物園釘子戶Ⅱ
La Zowi | La Reina del Sur

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