Tinnitist TV | Episode 94: Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton

The guitar slingers talk Death Wish Blues, Jon Spencer, Mickey & Mallory & more.

Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton are proof that sometimes, one plus one adds up to a lot more than two.

Both of them are already well-respected singer-guitarists with solid, successful solo careers. But when they put their heads, hands and hearts together recently on their first collaborative album Death Wish Blues, they came up with one of the best blues-rock releases of the year. Produced by garage-punk wild man and Blues Explosion leader Jon Spencer, Death Wish Blues is a raw, raucous and rollicking affair, with Fish and Dayton trading licks and lyrics on a slate of hard-hitting, hell-raising and sonically adventurous tracks that just don’t quit. A few weeks before the album dropped they got on the Zoom from their homes in Kansas and Texas to discuss Death Wish, working with Spencer and being the Mickey and Mallory Knox of guitar slingers. Enjoy.



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