The Mudmen Proudly Show Off Their Farmer’s Tan

The Celtic rockers celebrate hard-working farmers in their new single and video.

The Mudmen bust out the big guns to with their new Celtic-rock single and video Farmer’s Tan — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Written by bandleaders Sandy and Robby Campbell in their mother’s rural Ontario farmhouse, Farmer’s Tan features rockin’ guitars juxtaposed with whimsical bagpipes, and the song carries an inspirational message about friends, family, community, and a strong work ethic:

“Well, they raised us right, they made us strong,
and they taught us how to get along
That our roots are deep, and promises we keep,
and I’ll roll up my sleeves to show my farmer’s tan.”

“Our mom, Mary Dewar Campbell, is the one who inspired hard work and the one who tried to raise us right,” the Campbell brothers say. “Still to this day, at 80 years old, she has a large garden and gives vegetables to seniors in town and keeps her farm well maintained. She’s a strong person and has likely never missed a day of work in her life.”

The song’s video features performances from the Western Fair in London, The Kincardine Scottish Festival, and New Year’s Eve celebrations in Ottawa, as well as scenes of farm life. It also includes heartwarming shots of fans rolling up their sleeves to show their farmer’s tan, which The Mudmen often ask fans to do at shows.

Always entertaining and definitely unique, The Mudmen are a blast of Celtic energy whose members are known to be characters both on and off the stage. First discovered in 1993 as The Campbell Brothers, the brothers signed a record deal and changed their name. The Mudmen — rounded out by Colin Amey, Jordon Brosseau, Andy Gingerich and Alex Showdra — think nice guys can finish first, and believe deeply in connecting with their audiences.

Established in 1998, The Mudmen are celebrating their 25th anniversary. Their music has been featured on video games and TV shows like The Black Donnellys and Shameless. Their videos have been seen on Much and MTV. In 2008, the brothers were asked to perform on the new Hockey Night in Canada theme song produced by iconic Canadian music producer Bob Rock.

Watch the video for Farmer’s Tan above, sample the album below, and meet The Mudmen on their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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