Silka Weil Makes Time For You

The Montreal singer-songwriter shares a peaceful, easy feeling in her latest single.

Silka Weil has all the Time in the world for love on her romantic new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Indie folk meets dark pop as the Montreal singer-songwriter takes us on another personal journey in the third single from her new self-titled EP. Featuring ’90s indie-pop nostalgia and ethereal instrumentation, Weil winds effortlessly through the song with an eclectic mix of sounds that takes us to the darker side of pop. Stepping away from bubblegum and bounce, Weil presents a low-fi, melodic pop affair that nods to artists like PJ Harvey and Mazzy Star.

“This single explores a healthier relationship than what I’d been used to in my past,” Weil explains. “There’s a theme of thawing and renewal … rekindling a sense of peace that we return to rather than acquire. It’s a love story that takes into account a messy past and personal history. Putting your heart on the line and moving forward.” Or, as she puts it in the lyrics:

“You, I could give you all my time
You, you could have me
We could try
You, I could give you all my time
All my time.”

Building on the success and radio play from her debut single Capsized and the followup Unsatisfied, Time completes the trio of folk-pop delights expected from the talented tunesmith. “Time is the third single on my first EP — a collection of songs that survived from my youth, the ones that I couldn’t leave behind,” she says. “I go through a journey of uncertainty that parallels the challenges of transitioning from being a teenager to becoming a young adult. With all its messy trial and error. In bringing these songs to the studio, I felt I was able to make sense of my past and reclaim parts of myself that may have felt uncomfortable to share.”

Weil takes a lot of the recording responsibility herself, bringing in Jean-Sébastien Brault-Labbé as a musical mentor, with arrangements, additional instrumentations, production, mixing, mastering, and engineering duties all under his belt. The final recording was laid down at Studio de la Ruelle by Brault-Labbé.

Watch the video for Time above, sample her self-titled EP below, and find Silka Weil at her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.