Weekend Mixtape | More Than 325 Songs That Just Won’t Quit (Side 11)

May 1 was May Day. May 4 was Star Wars Day. Today is Cinco de Mayo and Bandcamp Friday. And on Saturday, some old dude in the U.K. is getting a massive promotion. Man, there sure is a lot to celebrate in early May. Here’s something else for your list: Today’s roundup of more than 325 singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, unburied treasures, golden oldies and live performances — most of which you won’t see or hear anywhere else. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 🍺. Cheers!



1🍺 Bill Pritchard | Wind

2Craig Stickland | Firing Line

3Mallory Chipman | Cradle Me (Live)

4Kimberly Perry | If I Die Young Pt. 2

5Tyler Halverson | Her

6Trey Lewis | Up Yours

7Hunter Daily | Karaoke Star

8The Hill Country Devil | The Stolen Daughter

9100 Proof | Broke and Beautiful

10Ash Ravens | One Way Ticket

11Bree Taylor | Dauntless (ft. The Boneheads)

12Eric Bibb | People You Love

13Tristan Armstrong | The Lender

14Love Of The Brave | Dusted Off

15Ken Yates | The Future Is Dead (Tiny Habits Version)

16Robinson & Rohe | Off Track

17🍺 Lillie Mae & Family | Razor Love

18Jeff Andrew | The Last Wild Werewolf

19🍺 Pecos & The Rooftops | Last Thing I Remember

20Beth Bombara | Lonely Walls

21Luke Bryan | But I Got A Beer In My Hand

22🍺 Leftover Salmon | Fire & Brimstone

23🍺 BabyJake | Gambler’s Prayer

24Nina Nastasia & Marissa Paternoster | This Is Love + You Were So Mad

25Tennis Courts | Am I Not Talking Enough

26Luma | When The Day Is Done

27Phillip Vonesh | Fly Over State

28Kasador | Younger Days

29The Caverns | One Thing About Me

30Relentless Townies | Sun Song + Astronaut Ice Cream

31Tanya Tucker | When The Rodeo Is Over (Where Does The Cowboy Go?)

32Midswim | Something In You

33🍺 Grant-Lee Phillips | Billy Bowlegs + Red River

34🍺Brian Krumm and his Barfly Friends | Just Fade Away

35Orange County Death March | It’s You

36🍺 Christian Lee Hutson & Fenne Lily | Vacation

37🍺 Cassandra Jenkins | Down South

38David Nebould | Nobody Knows

39The Sand Gators | Jezebel