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Beo String Quartet Deliver A Progressively Disturbing Experience With Ghosts Revisited

The Pittsburgh collective’s unique sound fuses dark prog-metal with lush strings.

Beo String Quartet stay true to their bold musical vision on the abstract, compelling new album Ghosts Revisited — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Blending classical lyricism with progressive rock, Ghosts Revisited is inspired by personal transformation — the things that cause someone to basically break out of their old skin. The highly poetic, fragmentary lyrics take us right to the edge of our consciousness. Half-awake, shifting impressions float through our minds where a single moment can explode into years and years can pass by unnoticed.

“We’ve flipped the roles of string quartet vs rock combo normally found in popular styles,” says producer Sean Neukom. “In Ghosts Revisited, it’s the strings giving us the substance of the sound. The drums, guitar, bass, and vocals drop in for added definition and texture.”

The Pittsburgh music collective compose truly original alt-chamber music with lyrical themes spanning the dark recesses of the human consciousness. Not only do they dig deep in theme; the sound they’ve created by uniting classical music and progressive metal is rousing and intense. Another aspect of their music is that it is truly composed: Everything is written out first.

Refusing to be confined by genre, Beo String Quartet appear on concert stages across the nation, bringing classical masterpieces, contemporary works and original progressive rock to audiences. Highlights from their 2021-2022 season included performances as featured artists for CCM’s 2021 Zemlinsky Prize and the premiere of 19-20, an original work for string quartet weaving musical performance with onstage illusions that question if art has a place in a post-Covid world.

Listen to Ghosts Revisited below, find it at your preferred DSP HERE, and find Beo String Quartet at their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.