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Classic Album Review: SFT | Travelcard

The actor-musician-composer drops a slate of cinematic electronica soundscapes.


This album came out a couple of decades ago. Here’s what I said about it back then (with some minor editing):


SFT stands for Simon Fisher Turner, a British actor-slash-musician-slash-composer whose wildly varied resume includes stints as a British teen-pop idol, a founding member of The The and an Oscar-nominated soundtrack composer for films such as Loaded, Blue and Croupier.

It’s the latter personality that commands the spotlight on Travelcard, a selection of cinematic electronica soundscapes. Recorded with envelope-pushing DJ Scanner (and released on his label), the mainly instrumental disc could serve as the score to a pole-to-pole travelogue: Chilly, barren environs gradually give way to lush, intoxicating exotica, which in turn becomes deluged by ambient waves of sound that, eventually, flow into noisy, post-modern urban dystopias. Filter, a slice of spooky post-funk with a paranoid android vibe and lurching robogroove, is the only track with vocals. Otherwise, SFT’s expressive sonic pallet provides all the script you need.