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Albums Of The Week: Stoner Bud’s | Vampires

THE TRANSLATED & EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “We left Stoner Bud’s in 2021 with their excellent EP Yeah-Yeah, which let us know with enthusiasm that the suburban band from Bordeaux didn’t want to limit themselves to the garage/punk genre that had made the good days of the previous decade.  Continuing to show their mastery of the electric codes set by Jay Reatard and Ty Segall, the trio’s first full-length album raises the bar a notch with singular and adventurous music.

The band formed in 2018 and took the time to do things right on Vampires, mixed once again by Alexis Deux-Seize (Pretty Inside), but this time recorded by their own means. If the garage-surf influences are still here, the Stoner Bud’s expand their musical horizons to a whole new panel of sounds which are reminiscent of the DIY pop of Pavement (Would You Hear Me?), grunge from Seattle (Surfin The Concrete) and motorik krautrock (Rainy Day). We could still enumerate many genres mentioned here and there (folk, doom, psyche…), but that would be to miss the essential point: The resolutely deep and intimate vibration of these 10 songs.

Without ever exaggerating and attempting to sound like a band they are not, Stoner Bud’s now approach songwriting with more melancholy, like on the schizophrenic Trapped, the almost Gothic Vampire, the distress-filled Fix Me and or the touching Sorrow Noises. The band, always humble, touches everything: Fake ballads, punk fireworks, electronic fiddling, violins, instrumentals — all without ever forgetting the most important: A sincere energy, striking melodies and unforgettable choruses.

Don’t be fooled by the songs that show some hope and smiles, or by the cover and the videos worthy of grade-Z horror movies. Vampires is an album that succeeds in revealing a sensitive part of melancholy without denying the fun and authenticity of their original garage punk music.

This album was composed and recorded by Tom Caussade, Nathan Penot and Mathieu Penot. It was mixed by Alexis Deux-Seize and mastered by Stéphane Teynié at A/D Mastering.”