Migrant Motel Pass On The Party

The L.A. alt-pop duo would rather stay home than see their ex with another man.

Migrant Motel don’t want to go to the Party without you in their lovelorn new alt-pop single and home-bound video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest track from the international alt-pop duo of singer-guitarist David Stewart, Jr. and drummer Salvador “Chava” Ilizaliturri is a bittersweet slice of heartbreak-and-chill that offers a new take on the classic party anthem: instead of being eager to go out and forget a recent breakup, our hero would rather stay home than to go a party alone — especially one where his ex might be with someone new:

“I got a bottle wine and the TV on
And I reminisce about what went wrong
Can’t get you outta my head
And the shoes come off and I get a call
From a friend whose putting something on
I should go there instead
But I got this feeling
That I won’t be leaving
I don’t wanna go to the party
If you won’t be there to want me.”

“The idea of Party came out of us wanting to write a party anthem with a twist,” Ilizaliturri confirms. “The song is about NOT wanting to go out. Initially, we wanted to celebrate staying home, chilling, watching movies or TV, and just being on our own and feeling good about it. While writing it, we decided to add the love / heartbreak twist in the chorus to take it to that place of anguish. Sometimes you don’t want to see the person that’s not into you anymore, even though you’re still into them.”

Photo by Whitney Otte.

The clever, eye-catching video sets the scene colourfully, capturing Stewart and Ilizaliturri as they spend a night gaming, snacking, drinking, dancing and jamming as a stationary camera eye slowly rotates around their living room.

“We wanted the Party music video to hone in on a feeling of loneliness and stillness and to really dive into a chill and familiar story,” Stewart says. “With the help of our DP Victor Ingles and our amazing team, we were able to explore those emotions and hopefully transmit them to the viewer. Our friend Curtis Kelley was kind enough to lend us his amazing home studio for the video. We shot it with a programmed mechanical head using a very simple technique of fading the shots into each other — but that required doing the full length of the song each time, so it took a while — we hope everyone likes it!”

Peruvian-American Stewart and Mexican native Ilizaliturri have been chasing the awesome since 2017, when they began making music and developing their sound while attending college in Boston. The fast friends with shared musical tastes got busy, playing hundreds of shows on the East Coast before migrating west. In 2020 they hit L.A., working their way down the Sunset Strip with stops at the Whiskey A Go GoViper Room, Roxy and Troubadour.

Although Chava has moved back to Mexico City, the duo continue to write and record remotely, and now function as a band with two scenes: Mexican and American. 2020 saw them play their first shows in the Mexican Republic, while 2021 took them to the main stage of Lollapalooza. After building a fan base in Latin America, they are setting their sights on the growing bilingual / bicultural youth movement in the U.S. Party is the followup to their 2022 Shame. The duo are coming off three sold-out shows in Los Angeles at Bordello, The Mint and Hotel Café.

Watch the video for Party above, check out the track HERE, hear more from Migrant Motel below, and check in with them at their website, Instagram, FacebookTwitter and TikTok.