Indie Roundup | 36 Songs That Are Probably Too Good For You This Thursday (Part 2)

DBL X-Posure, LAL, Donovan Woods, Dree Leer & more acts out of your league.


DBL X-Posure find their way back to the ’90s, LAL remix the end of the world, Donovan Woods is still going strong, Brendan Mills and Tess Burrstone are very optimistic — and there are plenty more goodies lurking in the bottom half of your Thursday Roundup. Scroll down and hear for yourself.


19 | DBL X-Posure | You Know Where To Find Us

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Identical-twin R&B-pop duo DBL X-Posure release their single You Know Where To Find Us. The fun-loving ’90s-inspired track was produced by Judd. Originally a dance duo, the twins have performed with the likes of Bizzi and Leee John and they have also had the pleasure of being a part of Trevor Nelson Rhythm Nation Tours. DBL X-Posure say: ‘‘With this track we want to present something energetic, powerful and as identical twins to get you confused… on the dancefloor. Free your mind and get ready to live the experience.’’

20 | LAL | End Of This World Together (Ciel’s Moebius Trip)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Recently, LAL shared the Phen Ray remix of End Of This World Together off their new record Meteors Could Come Down. Today, they present the video for another remix of the track from celebrated Toronto artist Ciel. Says LAL’s Nicholas Murray: “Ciel is someone who we have watched grow and develop into a global talent at the same time embodying a local toronto spirit. Her remix for us speaks to a Toronto that had no musical genres in clubs. It bends and weaves into an expression that is well known to the darkest clubs and most cavernous warehouses. We employ you to join in the vision of this remix in solidarity with the community and all that came to take part.”

21 | Donovan Woods | Whatever Keeps You Going (ft. J.P. Robarts P.S. Music Project)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “In 2020, Donovan Woods released Without People. an album that ranks as his most successful release. Due March 26, a new deluxe edition adds four bonus tracks (two new originals and two alternate mixes). An acoustic interpretation of Whatever Keeps You Going pairs Woods with the pure voices of the J.P. Robarts Public School Music Project in London, Canada. “This deluxe version is really in place of what live shows might’ve been like if the pandemic hadn’t happened,” says Woods. “Among my favourite parts of playing live are presenting songs in a different context and introducing new material, and this deluxe version is doing that type of work.”

22 | Brendan Mills & Tess Burrstone | We Can Have It All

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Brendan Mills is an internationally renowned saxophonist and DJ . Tess Burrstone is a highly sought-after vocalist. They are both based in London. She has an abundance of experience in the session world, radio, TV and on stages all over the world. She has performed with some of the U.K.’s biggest bands.”

23 | Sullen | Acheronta Movebo

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Portuguese prog metallers Sullen unleashed their moving Acheronta Movebo studio video. Recorded live at Stone Sound Studio on Aug. 9, 2020 the track comes off the band’s Nodus Tollens – Act 1: Oblivion full-length, released earlier this month. Comments drummer Marcelo Aires: “Acheronta Movebo stands out as a piece of severe introspection, drowning in meaning and emotion. This theme evokes the internal battles that each of us, as human beings, face in certain moments of our lives. A hellish maze from which we destroy and rebuild ourselves, no matter the circumstances. In this particular song, progressive rock molds itself and shapeshifts in a somewhat low pace, as the memories of this battle ensue and the flashbacks occur mercilessly, reminding us of the hard path ahead.”

24 | Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys | Evening Train

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Berlin-based South African Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys announce the details behind the new studio album Transit Tapes (for women who move furniture around), which lands on June 2. Written by Kruger and forged in a tiny 34°c rehearsal space in Berlin, Transit Tapes melts dreamy indie rock with dark folk and returns 12 pensive tracks exploring restlessness and a yearning to feel alive. This project is the first time Kruger has worked with drummer Martin Perret, guitarist Liú Mottes and bassist Andreas Miranda, who form The Lost Boys. The depth that they add is clear.”

25 | Lucia & The Best Boys | Forever Forget

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Lucia & The Best Boys return today to unveil the video for their latest EP’s standout offering Forever Forget. Directed by Rianne White, it shows frontwoman Lucia Fairfull deliver a bold and powerful performance as a woman trapped by her own inner demons and looking to break free. White said, “Forever Forget is a landscape of a feeling. Lucia and I wanted to create a piece of choreography that exists in a solo otherworldly space shaken up by an unsettling sensation of feeling trapped. Guarded by multiple camera perspectives, this movement sequence is shattered like a mirror into pieces and dominated by a blinding sensation of overwhelm, refracting the internal electricity of the brain into view. This video is a portrait of inner turbulence, liberated by Lucia’s untamed and magnetic expression of self.”

26 | Big Little Lions | Missed The Start

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Big Little Lions continue their monthly releases with Missed The Start. This song is for those couples who get together in non-traditional ways. For those who don’t notice they’re in love until they are. For those who skip the first dates and long engagements. The British little lion in this band married her Canadian husband after only knowing him three months so they could be in the same country and keep dating. They are still together 29 years later.”

27 | Dree Leer | Live Forever

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Dree Leer’s debut record Throw Hands comes out April 30. Today the punk-pop power trio are sharing their latest single Live Forever. Formed in Birmingham, AL by singer-guitarist Jackie Lo, Mandy Graffeo (bass) and Mikey D (drums), Dree Leer deliver an unhinged, heavy alternative pop sound that pays homage to the familiar sounds of the ’90s guitar rock behemoths, but also forges its own path by injecting its songs with relevant social commentary and themes of women empowerment. “Dree Leer was one of my online names going back to ’95,” Lo explained. “Leer means a look or a gaze and Dree is a word that means ‘to endure something unwanted or painful.’ It speaks to what women have to endure on a regular basis. A lot of the songs are pro women having a voice and speaking out and being strong and powerful.”

28 | Lara Taubman | Revelation

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “N.Y.C. singer-songwriter Lara Taubman has released a video for the title track to her 2020 album Revelation. A pristine voice and a wonderfully unhurried pacing are the hallmarks of Lara Taubman’s sound, showcased on her latest album. The singer was called up to Wolfe Island, Canada, just across the maritime border with America to record her latest venture. She fell in love with the place and its people, going on to buy a farm there not far from the post office-turned-recording studio where she recorded the album.”

29 | Beyries | To Love Somebody

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Beyries releases her cover of The Bee Gees’ classic To Love Somebody. While she and Pierre Marchand (who produced all of Sarah McLachlan’s studio albums since 1991’s Solace) were in a studio session working on original material, the two had the idea to record a stripped-down version of the song. “It’s a song that I’ve always loved, and that I’ve performed a few times in concert,” explains Beyries. She released her sophomore effort Encounter in November.”

30 | Assertion | The Lamb to the Slaughter Pulls A Knife

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Assertion, the new project of musician William Goldsmith, is debuting The Lamb to the Slaughter Pulls A Knife, a second track off of the upcoming debut album Intermission, set for release on April 9. Goldsmith says, “There is a musical chemistry with our band that is rare and at a level that none of us have experienced before. We have found ourselves slightly perplexed as to the origins of some of the songs. The Lamb to the Slaughter Pulls A Knife is an example of us sitting down and playing the song from start to finish — the vocal melody and the arrangement just appeared out of nowhere. The song seemed to write itself or somehow already existed.”

31 | Desolate Realm | Spire

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Just one year following the release of their promising debut EP Unleash The Storm, Finnish doom-metal Desolate Realm are back with their first full-length album, set for release on April 23. Formed by members of Decaying, Chalice and Altar of Betelgeuze, Helsinki’s Desolate Realm combine the epic grandeur of doom-metal acts like Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus with classic heavy-metal of Savatage and Metal Church, and the mighty groove of Black Sabbath. Their self-titled album features eight new tracks full of epic melodies and gripping, heavy riffs. The album’s opening song and leading single Spire is now playing.”

32 | Crossing Eternity | End Of Romance

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Crossing Eternity just released the first single and lyric video for the track End Of Romance, taken from their new album The Demons From My Shadow, set to be released this summer.”

33 | Highway Queen | Hellfire

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Highway Queen is a melodic hard rock band based in Lahti, Finland. They were founded in 2019 by singer Virpi Kääriäinen, guitarist Teemu Kääriäinen and drummer Henri Backman. Bassist Petri Orava joined the band after that. Highway Queen put their heart and soul into catchy riffs and melodies with influences from all kinds of rock and heavy metal music. The song Hellfire is their latest single. The band are working on more songs.”

34 | Ed Is Dead | Inner Love

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Award-winning experimental artist Ed Is Dead released his album Global Sickness today. On it, listeners will find the sterling single Inner Love. Bold and unashamedly dramatic, Global Sickness is intentionally harsh as Ed Is Dead uses distortion and manic manipulation of sounds to bring his message to the masses. The musician flies between the dark and the light between each track, bringing new and unexpected post-minimal electronic tones at every turn. A complex build of music interceding social expectations and philosophical concepts, the album manages to address several issues within our society with driving basslines underpinned by a warped melodic current.”

35 | Brigitte DeMeyer | Cat Man Do

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Having spent years as a working musician, residing in Nashville was a good thing for Brigitte DeMeyer. Becoming a part of Music City’s vibrant community of artists and industry folks kept her busy, as she carved out her place living and working there, all while raising her young son. Originally from California, she commuted to Nashville for years; relocating full time was a leap of faith — one that paid off. And, while the work has been rewarding, the greatest rewards for the artist are the friendships and partnerships she maintains there. When an urgent need to move back to California came suddenly for her family, DeMeyer had to go. But her spirit keeps deep roots in the South. She says: “Cat Man Do is fiction. A pure conjure-up. It’s my vision of a hustler with a heart. A charming rogue. A Buddy Love. With a cool-façade of a life. And, while this particular cat has his act down, would drop it on a dime for the right company. I was thinking, this character is deeper than the surface. Wants someone to see past the slick, and stick.”

36 | Anthony Barrel & Andrew Hutton | Hard-Selling Woman

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Doris Wishman was one of the most prolific female filmmakers that most people have never heard of. The pint-size sleaze queen helmed a variety of oddball exploitation classics that featured unique gimmicks and unusual, sometimes shocking subject matter. The Best Of Doris Wishman features audio from theatrical trailers, original theme songs, as well as some jazzy incidental library music from legendary exploiteers.”