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Now Hear This: The Rocky Valentines | The Rocky Valentines EP

A singer-songwriter scion comes into his own with some rugged, rootsy indie-rock.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “When Charlie Martin sings, ‘Saw my dad with friends, played in bands; never thought this would be the plan,’ it feels like he was fighting the inevitable.

After watching his dad front the band Staflyer 59 — alongside myriad side projects — the teenaged Martin contributed to SF59’s most recent LP, leaving a debut release from his one-man project, The Rocky Valentines, nearly unavoidable.

On The Rocky Valentines’ self-titled EP, Martin relies on his experiences growing up in Southern California to lyrically dress his brand of guitar rock, with great melodies, punctuated with his own drum fills. Songs about summers in the pool (Shooting With One Eye) and burgeoning relationships (Off & On) are rounded out with the acceptance of his own musical legacy in Microphone.

Produced by Jason Martin, the EP pushes on like a more introspective incarnation of indie-darlings The Drums. Dotted with the odd Doug Martsch-esque guitar work, the four tracks rarely slow down and close out in a lightning fast 13 minutes. Think Black Sabbath’s Vol. 4, but in fifth gear on a summer day.

Mixed by Bryce Rivera and mastered by Jason Martin’s Lo Tom bandmate T.W. Walsh, with artwork by Eric Collins (Mr. ENC), the EP will be young Charlie’s first venture into the vast world of music.”