Tinnitist TV | Episode 86: Miesha & The Spanks

The garage-rocker talks Unconditional Love, drop-D tuning, Game of Thrones & more.


Miesha & The Spanks have always packed a punch. But to their considerable credit, the Calgary garage-rock duo just released the hardest-hitting album of their career.

That would be their new LP Unconditional Love In Hi-Fi, which finds singer-guitarist Miesha Louie digging deep and getting personal with songs about the death of her father, the generational trauma of residential schools, trying to balance new motherhood and her career, her work with a rock camp for girls, and lots more. Even better: She and drummer Sean Hamilton pair those weighty lyrics with some of the band’s heaviest songs to date. A few days before the album dropped and The Spanks got back on the road, Miesha Zoomed into discuss Unconditional Love, the joys of drop-D tuning, Game Of Thrones podcasts and more. Enjoy.


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