Kimberley MacGregor | Say You’ll Wait: Exclusive Premiere

The Alberta singer-songwriter seduces you with her sultry, slow-burning sincerity.


Kimberley MacGregor wants you to Say You’ll Wait for her in her bluesy new single — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The first of three B-sides taken from the Alberta singer-songwriter’s 2021 album Sitting, With Uncomfortable Feelings — and released in in celebration of her upcoming B-Sides Tour — Say You’ll Wait seduces you with its sultry, slow-burning sincerity, as MacGregor soulfully and sweetly asks for patience from a lover whose heart isn’t exactly in the same place as hers:

“You don’t always agree with what I say
You know I’m a handful and you like me that way
Wouldn’t have it any other way
You love me most for my heart and my mind
Go digging around, you never know what you’ll find
Never knew love could feel this good
But I waited for you cause I’ve been hoping that it could.”

MacGregor knows about waiting games — a reformed bank manager, she realized one day she was doing a successful job of living someone else’s life, and a poor job living her own. So in 2013, she launched her original songs into the world and took centre stage. She has since released three albums and won Female Artist of the Year at both the 2015 and 2016 Edmonton Music Awards. She lovingly crafts and passionately performs songs that will move your heart, change your mind and shift your feet. Weaving seamlessly between blues, folk and rock, her common threads are strength, vulnerability and badassery — all sizzling with soul.

Mixed by Jeff Kynoch and mastered by Philip Shaw Bova, Say You’ll Wait was performed by MacGregor and The Right Band: Guitarist Nathan Burns, bassist Melissa Walker, drummer Kevin Brereton and backup vocalist Lindsay Pratt.

Check out the video for Say You’ll Wait above, listen to Sitting, With Uncomfortable Feelings and check out her tour dates below, and don’t wait to visit Kimberley MacGregor’s website, Facebook and Twitter.