Erika Kulnys Offers Some Choice Words

The Nova Scotia singer-songwriter stands up for reproductive rights with her single.

Erika Kulnys takes a stand for bodily autonomy with her defiant new single and video My Choice — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A preview of her forthcoming album Stand Together — set to arrive in spring — My Choice supports reproductive freedom, the Nova Scotia singer-songwriter explains, as well as benefiting Whole Woman’s Health, a major abortion provider and catalyst for legal and cultural change in the U.S.

“We have to come together, as recent protests in the U.S. have demonstrated, to say no to authorities who wish to control our bodies because of antiquated, religion-based dogma,” Kulnys says. “I started My Choice at Atlantic United World College on tour in Wales, when the Trump administration was allowed by a federal court of appeals to restrict taxpayer dollars given to family-planning facilities under Title X. I finished it at home in Nova Scotia with pro-life friends, trying to find common ground. With the abortion ban in Texas, I felt like now was the right time to publish it.”

My Choice is the latest in Kulnys’ deeply held connection to audiences with her powerful voice, authenticity, innovative piano work, and infectious joy. Described as “possessing the ingenious activist zeal of Ani DiFranco combined with the poetic skepticism of Leonard Cohen,” she opens hearts with her passionate songs and commitment to social change.

Kulnys has played concerts across the globe, from the mainstages of festivals like Copenhagen Pride to the World Social Forum in Caracas and more. Her last album Rise Up was Top 10 on Canadian and U.S. charts, and won awards from Ireland to Florida. Her upcoming album Stand Together — recorded at Signature Sounds in Connecticut and Ojala and Egrem in Havana — will feature songs in both English and Spanish, and is about love, standing together across borders and ideological differences and transforming suffering into joy.

Check out My Choice above, hear more from Erika Kulnys below, and connect with her at her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.