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Next Week in Music | March 27 – April 2 • The Long List: 400+ Releases On The Way

All the new music heading for your playlist in the coming days — and then some!

Happy 75th birthday to the one and only Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. Instead of making one of my dumb jokes, I’ll let you insert your own Dude Looks Like A Lady / Walk This Way / Nine Lives gag here — or perhaps even a Seasons of Wither reference if you’re a real Aerosmith fan. Then stroll through the 400-plus new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week:



Aara | Triade III: Nyx
Ace of Base | Beautiful Life: The Singles
A Certain Ratio | 1982
Acidgvrl | Pink Nitro
Ad Infinitum | Chapter III: Downfall
Ajeeb | Refractions
Aitana | Los Angeles
A Journey of Giraffes | Empress Nouveau
Alberta Cross | Sinking Ships
Alcynoos, Parental & Loop.Holes | Rewind
Alpha Wolf | Shh EP
Altégo | Bling Bling Single
Altin Gün | Aşk
Amaka | Cruisin’
Juan Amigo | Summer Solstice
Ammotrack | Accelerate
Andr​é​s y Sus Estrellas | Andr​é​s y Sus Estrellas
Andruss | Toma Que Toma
Angelic Desolation | Orchestrionic Abortion
A Produce | The Clearing Reissue
Archetypes Collide | Archetypes Collide
Arrowounds | In The Octopus Pond
Atlas : Empire | Everything Is Temporary
Autumn! | Golden Child, Chapter 3
Avaland | The Legend of the Storyteller
David Backshell | Turn Up The Dark
Bad Blood | The Bad Kind Decides
Rachel Baiman | Common Nation of Sorrow
BamBam | Sour & Sweet
Barrie | 5K EP
The Bar Stool Preachers | Above The Static
B. Cool-Aid | Leather Blvd.
Beatrice Melissa | Surprise
Behemoth | Grom Reissue
Charlie Bennett | I’ll Give You The Moon Single
Billlie | The Billage Of Perception: Chapter 3
Birdyhead | Icing
Bixarte | Traviarcado
Blxty | Light Music Club
Black Box Revelation | Poetic Rivals
BlackLiq & Mopes | Choice Is A Chance
Bloody Apostles | Bloody Apostles
The Blssm | Who’s To Say Single
The Bluebeaters | The Album Reissue
Boygenius | The Record
Philippe Brach | Les Gens Qu’on Aime
Alan Braxe, Fred Falke & Friends | The Upper Cuts Reissue
Porter Brook | Lipsius
Bury Tomorrow | The Seventh Sun
Christopher Butterfield | Souvenir
Alina Bzhezhinska & HipHarp Collective | Fire EP
Adriana Calcanhotto | Errante
Camp Bedford | So Often & So Sweet
Peter Case | Doctor Moan
Caixa Cubo | Agôra
Celestial Sanctuary | Soul Diminished (Redux)
Helena Celle | If You Don’t Deserve You At Your Worst, Then I Don’t Deserve Me At My Best
Eddie Chacon | Sundown
The Chapin Sisters | Bergen Street
Pablo Chill-E | Duende Verde Mixtape
Chloe Charles | I Was I
Chlöe | In Pieces
Cindy | Why Not Now?
City And Colour | The Love Still Held Me Near
Common Sense Kid | A for Effort, E for Attainment
Conway the Machine | Won’t He Do It
Cousines Like Shit | Barbie Single
Crown Lands | Fearless
CSR | Delight
Charlie Cunningham | Frame
Amy Dabbs | The Bobcat Special EP
Dead End Finland | Victory
Deadeye | Live
Dead Lakes | Daydreamer
Dead Shaman | Under the Influence
Debt Rag | Lost To The Fantasy
Decorpsetated | Human Words
Deerhoof | Miracle-Level
Defamed | Blackblood
Demonstealer | The Propaganda Machine
Detalji | Truly
Developer | Hexmode
DMA’s | How Many Dreams?
DMX Krew | Return To Jupiter
Don’t Get Lemon | Hyper Hollow Heaven
DJ Drama | I’m Really Like That
DreamSpy | Out Of This World
The Drift Institute | Damages And Their Slices
Dust | Et Cetera Etc EP
Edredon Sensible | Montagne Explosion
Elderbrook | Little Love
Vera Ellen | Ideal Home Noise
Matt Elliott | The End Of Days
Empyre | Relentless
Benjamin Epps | La Grande Désillusion
Eteraz | Destined To Kill
Eventless Plot | Distance Between Us
Exsonvaldes | Lights 10th Anniversary Edition
Eye Roll | Don’t Fuck Around
Faintest Idea | The Road to Sedition
Raphaël Feuillâtre | Visages Baroques
Fiesta Alba | Fiesta Alba EP
Filter | The Amalgamut Vinyl Reissue
Sherry Finzer & Elise | Phenomena
Flying Mojito Bros | Too Slow To Disco Edits 14
Foghat | Road Fever: The Complete Bearsville Recordings 1972-1975
Folk Implosion | It Just Goes With… EP
Ian Foster | Close To The Bone
Wendy Rae Fowler | Flicker + Pulse Original Score
Fox Teeth | Through The Blue
Toby Fox | The Greatest Living Show
John Foxx | The Arcades Project
Benedikt Frey | Lost Control
Friendly Rich | Man Out Of Time
Aggie Frost | Perlemor
DJ Fucci | Milpa
Andy Gabbard | Cedar City Sweetheart
Jerry Garcia | GarciaLive Vol. 10: May 20, 1990 Hilo Civic Auditorium
Katie Gately | Fawn / Brute
G-Eazy | Tulips & Roses
Gel | Only Constant
Ghia | This Is
The Goddamsels | Sorry Single
Golden Hours | Golden Hours
Stefan Goldmann | In Aggregate / Carob
The Grasshoppers | Let It Be That Way
Greh | Reversion Of The Repressed EP
Grotesque Misalignment | Blood Nexus
Steve Gunn & David Moore | Reflections Vol. 1: Let The Moon Be A Planet
Habstrakt | Heritage
Nathan Hanson & Chris Bates, Weights and Measures
Hawkwind | Days Of The Underground: Studio & Live Recordings 1977-1979
Thee Headcoats | Irregularis (The Great Hiatus)
Höhn | Höhn
James Holden | Imagine This Is a High Dimensional Space of All Possibilities
The Hold Steady | The Price Of Progress
Hot Mustard | Seconds
IAmber | Mercurial Shakes Reissue
Illinformed | Illin For Meds
Instant Empire | Standing Eight Count
In The Woods… | Isle Of Men
Invicta | Triumph and Torment
Ion | Brain Tag
Jane Irving | Don’t Quit Now
Isaak | Hey
Ist Ist | Protagonists
Ive | Kitsch
Jane | Celeste EP
Jisoo | Me
JKR | Acid Casted Dreams
Larry June & The Alchemist | The Great Escape
Juno | Teeth
Damien Jurado | Sometimes You Hurt The Ones You Hate
Max Jury | Avenues
Elly Kace | Object Permanence
Kainbeats | Dreamseeker III: Journey
Sara Kays | Bored Single
Joe Keithley | Stand
Khalid | Softest Touch Single
Kilmore | From The Inside
King Isis | Scales EP
David Kitt | Idiot Check
KMD | Black Bastards Vinyl Reissue
Kodeseven | Kodeseven
Kommand | Death Age
Piotr Kurek | Peach Blossom
Danny Kuttner | Purple
Lagoss & Banha da Cobra | Aquapelagos Vol​.​1: Atlantico Split
Luke Laird, Lori McKenna, and Barry Dean | The Songwriter Tapes Vol. 3
Lake Michigan | Thin Veil
Lamila | Came Out Of The Water
Last in Line | Jericho
Ingrid Laubrock | The Last Quiet Place
Lazarusman, Stimming & Fka Mash | Mend It / Your Eyes Remixes
Buzzy Lee | Internal Affairs
Sondre Lerche | Avatars Of The Night
Lies | Lies
Murray A. Lightburn | Once Upon A Time In Montr​é​al
Lil Playah | Experimental
Lil Revive | Grim Reaper
Little Lilith | Strike
London Brew | London Brew
Lord Genmu | Sigils
LordWho And Lunar | The Replicant
Tobi Lou | Baggy Weather
Louis VI | Earthling
Lucidity | The Minsk Sea
Lucki | Flawless Like Me: Made Martian
Baaba Maal | Being
Tara MacLean | Sparrow
Madame | L’Amore
Jaye Madison | Mirror: Framework
Magna Pia | QUT
Mamamoo+ | Act 1, Scene 1
The Mamas & The Papas | The Mamas & The Papas Reissue
Mammal Hands | Gift From The Trees
Talia Mar | Self Portrait
Marta and Tricky | When It’s Going Wrong
Melanie Martinez | Portals
Mata | CBW Mixtape
Matador | My Yellow Coat EP
Casey Mattson | Jazz Vibes 2018
Jared Mattson | Peanut
Rob Mazurek & Exploding Star Orchestra | Lightning Dreamers
Eamon McGrath | A Dizzying Lust
Roy McGrath | Menjunje
Kyle McKearney | A Traveler’s Lament
Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness | Tilt At The Wind No More
Scott McMicken and The Ever-Expanding | Shabang
McNeal And Niles | Thrust Reissue
MeeeZ | Pwr
Mega Ran | Wrestling Is Real, People Are Fake
Melonball | Breathe
J Mena | Mala Sangre
Meshuggah | ObZen Reissue
Amber Meulenijzer | Saab Fanfare
MF Doom | Operation: Doomsday Vinyl Reissue
Michigander | It Will Never Be The Same EP
Mighty Poplar | Mighty Poplar
Yalla Miku | Yalla Miku
Milanku | À L’Aube
Phil Minton, Pat Thomas, Dave Tucker, Roger Turner | Scatter: On A Clear Day Like This
Mr. Käfer & Phlocalyst | Now / Again II
Mister Rabbit | End Of History Illusion
Mobile | Roadmap To Redemption
Model Citizens | NYC 1978-1979 Reissue
Mokita | Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? EP
Molina, Talbot, Lofgren & Young | All Roads Lead Home
Mono | Heaven Vol. 1 EP
Meredith Moon | Constellations
Moss Icon | Lyburnum Wits End Liberation Fly Anniversary Edition
Dean Mucetti & Rhythm Real | Isolate // Integrate
Murphnick | Strange Ride
Mylar | Human Statues EP
The Mystery Plan | Haunted Organic Machines
Mystic 100’s | On A Micro Diet
Nakhane | Bastard Jargon
NateWantsToBattle | Branded (slowed + reverb)
Neriah | No One Cries Forever EP
The Netherlands | Severance
The New Pornographers | Continue As A Guest
Wilbur Niles And Thrust | Thrust Is Reissue
Wilbur Niles And Thrust | Brazil Reissue
Wilbur Niles And Thrust | Global Reissue
Wilbur Niles And Thrust | Liftoff Reissue
Wilbur Niles And Thrust | Lunar Reissue
Wilbur Niles And Thrust | Re-Entry Reissue
Wilbur Niles And Thrust | Thrust Too Reissue
Nogizaka46 | Hito Wa Yume O Nido Miru Special Edition
Noia | Gisela
Ren Noir | Ren
The No Ones | My Best Evil Friend
Nothing,Nowhere. | Void Eternal
Nova One | Create Myself EP
Of Spite | Riddle Redemption
Ohhms | Rot
Olde Throne | In the Land of Ghosts
Old Forest | Sutwyke
Old Saw | Sewn the Name
Omnigone | Against The Rest
The Ongoing Concept | Again
Onikaso | Stone Henge
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark | Dazzle Ships 40th Anniversary Edition
Outlaw | Reaching Beyond Assiah
Ox33n | Ox3
Packs | Crispy Crunchy Nothing
Hermeto Pacoal | Hermeto
Natalie Padilla | Montana Wildflower
Pvris | Good Enemy
Pépe | Reclaim
Ivo Perelman, Elliott Sharp | Artificial Intelligence
Phoxjaw | Notverynicecream
Jake Pinto | Sad Songs for Happy People
Poh Hock | Gallimaufry EP
Popcaan | Great Is He Deluxe
Pop Crimes | Don’t Look Back Single
Sophie Powers | Nosebleed
Powfu | Tell Me Your Feelings And I Won’t Tell You Mine Pt. 2 EP
Jack Prest | The Risk Of Hyperbole Vol. 2
The Pretty Things | The Complete Studio Albums: 1965-2020
Private Function | 370HSSV 0773H
DJ Psychiatre | Enter The Chill Zone
Purveyor of Chaos | Purveyor of Chaos |
Puscifer | Existential Reckoning: Re-Wired
Charlie Puth | That’s Not How This Works (feat. Dan + Shay) Single
Quicksand | Slip 30th Anniversary Edition
Tom Rasmussen | Body Building
Aurora Dee Raynes | Ribbon Of Hot Plasma
Bebe Rexha | Call On Me
Alasdair Roberts | Grief in the Kitchen and Mirth in the Hall
Kevin Robertson | Magic Spells Abound
Robbing Millions | R​ê​ve Party
Partinico Rose | Undeclinable Ways
Roy Rosenfeld | Simi EP
Rotten Sound | The Apocalypse
Royal Otis | Sofa Kings EP
Saint Lyor | #ET
Samiam | Stowaway
Sophia Sanford | Generation Having Fun EP
Lis Sarroca | Our Times EP
Quentin Sauvé | Enjoy The View
Scatter | On A Clear Day Like This
S.C.O.B.Y. | Spore Sessions No. 21
Scotch Rolex & Shackleton | Death by Tickling
Sermon | Of Golden Verse
Ethan Setiawan | Gambit
Dan Shake | Verde EP
Nat Shaheen | Momentary Lapse EP
Shorewood | By Your Side
Ari Silberman | Beneath the Canopy
Silent Bob | Habitat Cielo
Will Silver | Voyage EP
Sissoko Segal Parisien Peirani | Les Égar​é​s
Sister Swire | Sister Swire
Richard Skelton | Selenodesy
Sleepingfeverdream | Glasses EP
Small Black | Small Black Deluxe Edition
Smallpox Aroma | Festering Embryos of Logical Corruption
Wadada Leo Smith & Orange Wave Electric | Fire Illuminations
Snek | Space Jams
Jonathan Snipes | 32 Acres
Snooze | Remixes 1 & 2
Snow Patrol | Final Straw 20th Anniversary Edition
Jonathan Snipes | 32 Acres
DJ Sofa / Arkyn | Dilemma / Together
$ombi | Wellen
Soul Central | Solar Visions EP
The Speedways | Talk Of The Town
Das Spezial | Spzl Kids #1
Spirit Possession | Of The Sign…
Alexandra Stréliski | Néo-Romance
Sub Accent | Fall Of Ego
Subheim | Raeon
Sunny Side Down | Dog Food
Sunsetter The Best That I Can Be
Masahiro Takahashi | Humid Sun
Takeshi’s Cashew | Enter J’s Chamber
Vadim Taver | Vadim Taver
Chip Taylor | The Cradle Of All Living Things
TDJ | Back to 123 EP
The Tearaways | And For Our Next Trick
Telehealth | Content Oscillator
Terr | Layers
Thandii | A Beat To Make It Better
Theiz | All That Remains
Thoom | Fantasy for Danger
Those Pretty Wrongs | Holiday Camp
Tilintetgjort | In Death I Shall Arise
Timmy’s Organism | Lone Lizard
Toktok | Tweng
Toledo | How It Ends (Unrated Edition)
Alex Tolstey & Gorovich | The Prophecy
Tomahawk | Oddfellows Reissue
Tomahawk | Tomahawk Reissue
Tones And I | I Am Free
Trio Profondo | Mosaic
22 For Silicon Alone | Only Dark Matters
William Tyler & The Impossible Truth | Secret Stratosphere
Tzusing | 绿帽 Green Hat
Kris Ulrich | Big In The USA
Unos | Boodle Fight
Unpure | Prophecies Ablaze
Upstate | You Only Get A Few
V | Faithless
Valle Alto | Valle Alto EP
Armin van Buuren | Feel Again
Kalia Vandever | We Fell In Turn
Various Artists | A Way to Make a Living: The Dolly Parton Songbook
Various Artists | The Birth of Bop: The Savoy 10-Inch LP Collection
Various Artists | Cherry Stars Collide: Dream Pop, Shoegaze & Ethereal Rock 1986-1995
Various Artists | Echo Neuklang (Neo-Kraut-Sounds 1981-2023)
Various Artists | K​ā​thā Remixes
Various Artists | Keep Calm And Salute Queen
Various Artists | London Brew
Various Artists | Once Again We Are The Children Of The Sun: Compiled by Paul Hillery
Various Artists | Putumayo: African Yoga
Various Artists | Tape Excavation Reissue
Various Artists | This Is Flying Dutchman 1969-1975
Various Artists | Urla dal Granducato Vol​.​3
Vivid Bad Squad | Mirai / Flyer!
Visions Of Atlantis | Pirates Over Wacken
V2 | Johnny Rocco / Car Crash Single
Waco Brothers | The Men That God Forgot
Wampyric Rites / Moloch | The Serpent Cult Of Darkness
The Wandering Off | The Wandering Off
Warm Human | Hometown Hero
Nick Waterhouse | The Fooler
Andy White & Tim Finn | AT
The White Stripes | Elephant 20th Anniversary Edition
The Who | The Who With Orchestra Live At Wembley
Why Bother? | A City Of Unsolved Miseries
Wild Child | End Of The World
John Wilson / Sinfonia Of London | Rachmaninoff: Symphony No. 2; Prélude in C Sharp Minor
Ric Wilson, Chromeo & A-Trak | Clusterfunk EP
Rita Wilson | Rita Wilson Now & Forever: Duets
Xikers | House Of Tricky: Doorbell Ringing
Yagon | A Ra???ven’s Tale EP
Yayennings | Yayennings Vol. 2
Richard Youngs | Modern Sorrow
Żabson | Ostatni Ziomal
Wacław Zimpel | Train Spotter
Marta Złakowska | When It’s Going Wrong
The Zombies | Different Game