Indie Roundup | 62 Tracks To Take You Through The Weekend

Harry Shearer, Liza Anne and 60 more new songs to keep you occupied.

Harry Shearer plays his trump card, Liza Anne sees a ghost, Mondo Cozmo gets his kicks, Jeff Rosenstock cuts out, Shy Boys get trashed and more in a typically gargantuan Friday Roundup. There’s a lot of animation today, and a lot of rap and hip-hop. Your guess is as good as mine.



1 | Harry Shearer | Son In Law

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Most know Harry Shearer for his work on The Simpsons or as the lovably lukewarm Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap. But those who have followed more closely also know Shearer as an unflinching political satirist. That side of him will come to the fore this October when he releases The Many Moods Of Donald Trump, a collection of satirical songs timed to coincide with the U.S. presidential election. Shearer is offering a preview with the track Son In Law, a jab at White House advisor Jared Kushner based on the R&B classic Mother In Law by New Orleans fixture Ernie K. Doe. The Big Easy has been Shearer’s second home for many years, so it’s not surprising that he was able to get famed local musicians such as George Porter Jr. of the The Meters, Raymond Weber of Dumpstaphunk, and trombonist Jon Ramm to play on the track. Son In Law is accompanied by a groundbreaking motion-capture animation video  that used motion capture technology on Harry’s body, hands and face to turn him into an all-singing, all-dancing, virtual Trump.”

2 | Liza Anne | I Shouldn’t Ghost My Therapist

THE PRESS RELEASE:Liza Anne has released her breakthrough album Bad Vacation. The album feature track, I Shouldn’t Ghost My Therapist, with its punchy virtuoso call and response guitar hooks and vocal line, showcases Liza at her most self reflective and comically self deprecating yet. Liza confirmed the lyrics focus on, “how we hurt people when we’re not taking care of ourselves. I was spiraling, anyone with a bit of care for me saw that and tried to say something but I was walling myself off to any real advice. Making an echo chamber of “you’re not doing anything wrong.” Nobody grows in an echo chamber.”

3 | Mondo Cozmo | Kicks (Positively Montauk)

THE PRESS RELEASE:Mondo Cozmo — the chart-topping brainchild of alternative singer-songwriter Josh Ostrander — shares a new video for his track, Kicks (Positively Montauk), from latest album, New Medicine. The video cost zero dollars to make, primarily made on Josh’s phone with an app to create animated graphics and comprised of parts shot by each musician individually during quarantine. “There are some [Bob] Dylan Easter eggs in the song and video; the ‘positively’ in the title was a lift from one of his tunes, the female I reference in the song is Sweet Marie, also a Dylan tune. I asked Drew to write Love Bomb on his chest for the video, when Dylan performed at the ’98 Grammys a protestor stormed the stage with Soy Bomb written on his chest.”

4 | Jeff Rosenstock | Scram!

THE PRESS RELEASE: “It’s a simple enough question: Don’t you want to go away? And yet when Jeff Rosenstock asks, it feels like an entire jolt to the system. Grab the keys we are getting OUT. Scram! is a call to action, a warning to those in power that their time is up. The new Teenage Stepdad-directed clip for the No Dream track cleverly repackages the tools of cheesy advertising and talking heads to make an impactful (and fun as hell) statement. Ride the wave, turn it up.”


5 | Shy Boys | Trash

THE PRESS RELEASE:Shy Boys, the Kansas City quintet, return with Trash, their first new music since 2019. Per the band’s own Collin Rausch, “Sunny cynicism has always been our thing, but we really do it big on Trash.” Centered around a monster hook, Trash is a glittery pop nug that swirls underneath propulsive lyrics about transference and the endless cycle of binge/purge. The new track comes with an apocalyptic video, one illustrating the deep impact and breadth of that cycle.”

6 | Black Soprano Family | It’s Over ft. Heem, Rick Hyde, Benny The Butcher & DJ Drama

THE PRESS RELEASE:Benny The Butcher & DJ Drama Presents: Gangsta Grillz X BSF Da Respected Sopranos will be released on July 31. The Black Soprano Family consists of Rick Hyde, Heem, LoveBoat Luciano, Jonesy & DJ Shay. This project will be followed by a Black Soprano Family label compilation where Benny will introduce additional members to the roster. Benny, Hyde & Heem debuted the video for It’s Over. “This song right here! I wasn’t originally on It’s Over, but when I realized how crazy it was I had to get on it. The video turned out fire, only right Drama was a part of it!,” Benny says. “I wanted that old-school gangster feel and aesthetic and this shit is a movie. We the real and respected Sopranos.”

7 | Birdsall | Selfish

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Raised in Minneapolis, Birdsałl has spent the last 10 years working and writing with some of the greatest rock minds of the 21st century including Mitch Lucker, Danny Worsnop, Yelawolf, Every Time I Die and many more. During this time Birdsałl also wrote a number of country hits for Nashville artists and placed a track on a major Hollywood motion picture as an unsigned artist. Birdsałl combined all of his influences and experiences to quickly cement himself as a rising star attracting attention from labels and producers around the world. With his debut pop EP Hot Money (out Oct. 2), filled with bright melodies and infectious hooks, Birdsałl is here to brighten up the rest of 2020.”

8 | Hello Moth | Inside

THE PRESS RELEASE:Hello Moth is thrilled to release their third full-length album, When The Sky Melted. Featuring 12 new, original songs, the record showcases playful shape-shifting production, underpinned by vividly performed vocals that create a propulsive experience of sounds in motion. Hello Moth — the platinum-certified Canadian producer and avant-pop solo artist — creates unsettlingly inventive genre-fluid music inspired by artists like David Bowie, St. Vincent and The Knife. Their songs span fragile love ballads and blacklight infused synth-pop as they explore themes of isolation, innocence, and identity. “Compared to the dark strangeness of my previous releases, this album is a little lighter, more hopeful, more fun,” reflects Hello Moth.

9 | Karolina Rose | Runaway Angels

THE PRESS RELEASE:Runaway Angels is the first single of 2020 from the U.S.-Polish alt-pop artist, serving as the third instalment of her upcoming visual EP Rosemary. The video for Runaway Angels is out today. Written in support of sexual assault survivors, it took several years for Karolina Rose to feel prepared to release Runaway Angels since the topic of the song hit close to home. The video was filmed in a Croatian villa that Rose swears was haunted, which inspired a scene with an apparition. “I wasn’t able to listen to the song for a long time because it would make me cry — I’d get really triggered by my own song. It was just this collective support that I wanted to transmit in the song.”

10 | ToBy | Cascades

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Rapper/actor/writer ToBy is building on the hazy melancholia of the summer with his refreshing and tranquil video for Cascades from his latest EP, The Outside. Cascades sees ToBy leaning into the graceful, dreamy, and melodic side of his vocal performance, making the track a comforting breath of relaxation before the end of the EP. Like many of his tracks, it outlines personal truths and experiences, this time digging into relationships while referencing a love that is ever present although participation is on its way out the door. The video for Cascades complements the lyrical message and the peaceful numbness of instrumentals made by Miami producer oebeats using bold and captivating shots of ToBy at the poolside, emphasizing the depth and expressiveness that can be hidden within a going-through-the-motions blasé.”

11 | Krief | Never Without You

THE PRESS RELEASE:Patrick Krief shares the latest track and video, Never Without You, taken from his forthcoming album Chemical Trance, out Aug. 14. “This is a song about truly selfless love,” says Krief, “and letting that person know what the kingdom they have created looks like. Purple beaches and violet skies, heavy storms but none of it matters. The palace is safe, and I’m happy to be in it. I wrote, recorded and mixed this song in less than two hours. I knew the album needed a closer… something light and beautiful. Some sort of calm after the storm.”

12 | Emily Vu | Just Wait

THE PRESS RELEASE:Emily Vu is releasing her new single/video, Just Wait. Created with her frequent collaborators, multi-platinum producer Sir Nolan and Andrew Schmidt aka SZNS, Just Wait is another glistening melodic pop track to add to Vu’s fast-growing repertoire. Just Wait explores the vulnerability of falling in love with an engaging self-awareness. “It’s about being aware of how susceptible I am to love and how being in love or just starting to get to know someone is a very vulnerable thing for me,” Emily explains. “I’m asking for them to wait for me and just trust the process.” The accompanying video stars the young pop artist surrounded by a multitude of women. It’s sprinkled with a beautiful and subtly romantic undertone, with each woman representing a past relationship and how Emily carries those experiences and lessons through life.”

13 | Savannah Conley | Never Want To Be In Love

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Singer-songwriter Savannah Conley is presenting an acoustic rendition of her latest single, Never Want To Be In Love. Stripping the euphoric track down to just guitar and vocals, the Never Want To Be In Love acoustic video is raw and intimate, allowing Conley’s rich, crystalline vocals to take centerstage. If you’ve ever wondered what the sonic lovechild of Oasis and Dolly Parton would sound like, look no further than Savannah Conley. Combining nostalgic musicality, unavoidable Southern charm, and a healthy dose of cross-genre inspiration, Conley has carved out a sound that feels both fresh and timeless. Her ability to transcend genre boundaries has led to an impressive resume of gigs supporting Ben Folds, Brandi Carlile, The Head and the Heart, Willie Nelson, and Ruston Kelly, just to name a few.”

14 | Pop Evil | Work

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Michigan’s own Pop Evil debuted the music video for their newest hit single Work, which features driving guitars atop a grooving rhythm with electronic flourishes. The new animated video brings Work to life, tackling the angst and emotions of being stuck in a rut, the monotony of daily life juxtaposed with constant communication as technology is fused with all parts of life.”

15 | Beth Keeping | Cool Kids

THE PRESS RELEASE:Beth Keeping is a singer/songwriter from Surrey, UK. Drawing influences from both traditional country storytelling and modern pop music, Keeping delivers a fresh and modern sound of what she calls “pop stories.” Keeping’s latest single Cool Kids is a self-empowering anthem for anyone who has experienced bullying. Inspired by the news that a boy who used to bully her at school now listens to her music, she shares, “I heard that he and his friends respect me because I decided to pursue my dreams and do something different instead of following the standard career path. I have to admit, it felt pretty great to hear that!” Despite its feel-good melodies, there is a juxtaposition between the music and lyrics, with a deeper element recognising how serious bullying is and why we do it.”

16 | Catholic Guilt | A Boutique Affair

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Melbourne, Australia’s Catholic Guilt have dropped the first single A Boutique Affair off their upcoming EP This Is What Honesty Sounds Like, out Aug. 28. Of the new single, vocalist Brenton Harris says, “The older we get, the harder it seems to be to make new friends, and the harder it seems to be to maintain older friendships. Neither phenomenon is necessarily anyone’s fault. It is likely a byproduct of aging, in that as careers, children, and other interests occupy our time, it becomes hard to keep in touch with old friends, especially those who are at a different stage of their life to you. While the lack of free time and avenues for social connection means it is less likely, we’ll find ways to make new friends.”

17 | Heather Valley | Emily

THE PRESS RELEASE: “In March, I was on a writing retreat in West Virginia when the borders were closed. I drove home to Canada and quarantined at a haunted farm. It was lonely living on 200 acres alone, so I started playing covers of my favorite songs for comfort, and overcome by nostalgia, I remembered Emily. When I was young, Emily cared for me one summer, and brought me to the lake in my hometown of North Bay, Ontario. She treated me with true kindness and it left a deep impression. When I couldn’t find her online, I wrote this song hoping that it would find her instead. Emily is a wistful song about summer memories like going to the lake, exploring your grandparents’ garden and driving with the windows down, listening to your favourite songs.”

18 | Monida Lee | Farewell

THE PRESS RELEASE: “After spending nearly a decade completing her debut album Farewell, a pandemic-induced delay in releasing it is hardly a big deal for Monica Lee at this point. But today the Vancouver-based singer/songwriter can finally celebrate, as Farewell is available. Lee is also marking the release with a video for the title track. A heart-swelling piano ballad with echoes of British folk-rock legend Sandy Denny’s finest work, Farewell sets the tone for the album as a chronicle of a tumultuous past decade in Monica’s life. “These songs are all about relationships,” she says. “The album was sequenced to start with a feeling of letting go, then move through the various relationship stages and finally end with letting go once again.”

19 | Primal Fear | Hear Me Calling

THE PRESS RELEASE:Primal Fear released their highly anticipated 13th studio album Metal Commando today. The title of the album is self-explanatory — Metal Commando contains 110% Primal Fear and is full to the brim with their signature power and energy. In celebration of the release, they also release the new single and video Hear Me Calling. Matt Sinner comments: “The special thing about Hear Me Calling is, that we are combining the vibes of the first PF albums with the new Primal Fear of 2020. Far away from home, in a shady plane somewhere between Peru and Bolivia, thinking about home ….. a strong combination of powerful guitar riffs, awesome melodies, groove, and a great hook!”

20 | Takuya Kuroda | Change

THE PRESS RELEASE: “A highly respected trumpeter born in Kobe, Japan, Takuya Kuroda is a forward-thinking musician that has developed a unique hybrid sound, blending soulful jazz, funk, post-bop, fusion and hip hop music. In late summer 2020, Kuroda returns with his sixth album Fly Moon Die Soon. In his words, “this album is about the irony between the greatness of nature and the beautiful obsceneness of humanity. Melodies and grooves fly back and forth from being spiritual to being vulgar.” The album consists of nine tracks of excellence. Uptempo jazz-funk sits alongside soulful cuts like Change, also featuring Corey King on vocals. Takuya Kuroda is a truly unique talent, and this album is a realisation of the evolution of his sound.”

21 | In Flames | Pinball Map

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Sweden’s groundbreaking metal giants In Flames are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their landmark, critically acclaimed album Clayman, and have kicked off the festivities today with the release of the Clayman 2020 bonus tracks and an animated videofor their newly re-recorded rendition of the fan favorite Pinball Map. Vocalist Anders Fridén comments on the band’s anniversary and upcoming release: “It’s bizarre to look back on the past 20 years and see everything we’ve been so lucky to do.”

22 | Skullcrusher | Trace

THE PRESS RELEASE:Skullcrusher, the project of L.A. songwriter Helen Ballentine, releases a new single/video, Trace. The track is off of her self-titled debut EP, out today. Trace is energetic, and in Ballentine’s words, “a really cathartic song that I love playing live because I can really rock out to it.” Despite more somber lyrics, Ballentine sounds fresh and reassured. The accompanying video, directed by Silken Weinberg and Jeremy Reynoso, reflects the song’s cleansing energy. Ballentine and friends, dressed in medieval costumes, have a fireside celebration.”

23 | Lyrique | Smoke Break

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Philippines-born, Calgary-based hip hop act Lyrique is releasing the video for his single Smoke Break, a narcotic-infused reflection on love and cannabis that swirls to a chill rap beat. “When creating lyrics, I sometimes like to use objects as metaphors to dig into other topics,” says Lyrique. “In this case, I’m comparing the sensation of a drug-induced daze to the feelings of being in love.” Shot in Calgary, the hypnotic video features various area landmarks that serve as a shout out to the rapper’s adopted city. “Calgary doesn’t get enough love when it comes to hip hop,” he adds. “With artists like Cartel Madras getting some attention outside of the city, that perception is slowly shifting.”

24 | Toots & The Maytals | Warning Warning

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Legendary Jamaican artist Frederick “Toots” Hibbert unveils a poignant video for his new single Warning Warning, the second offering from his highly anticipated first studio album in a decade Got To Be Tough, set for release on Aug. 28. The animated video, directed by Nick Franco, is a clear warning, prophesying mankind’s destruction unless we begin to take care of the environment and each other. During a time of global social and political unrest, Toots’ welcomed return and voice couldn’t be more needed or necessary than ever. “I want to ask everyone to keep their focus in this time of wonders. Make such focus be of good faith, love each other, take it as a warning and exercise brotherly and sisterly care for each other of all race, religion and creed.”

25 | Matthew Holland | Love

THE PRESS RELEASE:Love is the new single and video from Matthew Holland and All The King’s Men. Recorded & produced by Dean Glover, the track is available on all streaming platforms now, alongside a music video filmed by Barnaby Fairley. Speaking about Love, Matthew explains “We’re living in quite surreal times that seem to be peddled by hate, so this is a direct response to that. At the moment everybody needs more love in their life, for themselves and each other.”

26 | Brenda Nicole Moorer | Find Your Way

THE PRESS RELEASE: “I’m sending you some music and positivity this Friday morning with the release of my latest single & music video Find Your Way. I wrote this song with Kenny Banks Jr., to encourage us to know that even when life seems tough, that you will eventually find your way. Please know that the entire universe conspires for your greater good.”

27 | Jack Henderson | Hey Batman

THE PRESS RELEASE:Jack Henderson announced his return with news of a forthcoming album, Where’s The Revolution, set for release on Oct. 2. In anticipation of the release, Henderson also reveals a new video for its leading track: Hey Batman. “One thing that’s certain in life is that we all get older. With that inevitability comes the possibility that both we and our heroes are surpassed by new ideas and either disappear, become irrelevant or, worse, become anachronistic clanging bells. The only way to embrace getting older, however challenging it may be at times, is to accept that things change, remain curious and open to new ideas and resist the temptation to settle.”

28 | Nightmare | Aeternam

THE PRESS RELEASE:Nightmare release their first single & video Aeternam, the title track from upcoming new album Aeternam, due for release on Oct. 2. Aeternam is a beast of a track, showcasing everything you’d expect from Nightmare and more. Melding hard-hitting riffs and pounding, insistent drums from the start, Aeternam blends perfectly the raw edged, high energy, power metal Madie’s soaring vocals add an exquisite extra layer to the tunes, with symphonic elements adding a heightened, more progressive feel.”

29 | Jeremy Drury | Pour Another

THE PRESS RELEASE:Jeremy Drury announces the release of his debut solo album Company Store, due out Aug. 28. Best known as the drummer of The Strumbellas, Drury headed to Toronto’s Lincoln County Social Club and recorded his self-produced debut. “The concept of doing my own record has been with me for years. I’ve been writing songs since I was a teenager and had always dreamed of putting out my own material — but my confidence behind the kit kept me from facing the fear that goes along with being so exposed as both a singer and a songwriter.” The album features the lead single Pour Another. “At the heart of it, Pour Another is a response to every song that’s tried to reassure us that “everything’s going to be okay”. While we can try our hardest to keep on top of things, sometimes life seems out of control and we lose strength; repeating the same cycles we know full well won’t help.”

30 | Sam Lynch | Good Year

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Singer-songwriter Sam Lynch released a music video for her new single Good Year. The emotionally stirring video features Lynch in a state of loss, confusion, and hope — and the cyclical, repetitive nature of the three experiences. Lynch has described the inspiration for Good Year by stating “I started writing this song a long time ago, and it has since become a little flicker of light for me. I witnessed someone very close to me hold so strongly to the belief that everything would be okay, even when all signs pointed to the opposite; I’ve found so much comfort in repeating her words over and over — it will be good.”

31 | Cat SFX | Doom Generation

THE PRESS RELEASE:Cat SFX has released her captivating debut single Doom Generation. And to accompany the release, the London-based alt/pop artist presents its official video. Speaking about the video, Cat says: “We made the video with $0 budget, literally everyone just went for it and worked round the clock. We were all completely in sync with each other, really wanted to give it a ’90S MTV vibe while delivering the message of the song, which I think they’ve done perfectly … Doom Generation is a commentary on my personal experiences of mental health issues, big pharmaceutical companies and their “cures”; the massive pressure that’s put on my generation by social media and a reality TV culture that dislocates us from our feelings.”

32 | Akkan | El Mutal

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Barcelona electronic production duo Akkan are back with a new EP ‘El Mutal’, ahead of their anticipated debut full-length planned for autumn. Opener ‘El Mutal’ was recorded in the Eastern Irish countryside features a percussion groove made with metallic Chinese small hi-hats and an arpeggiated flute recorded with an Akai EWI.”

33 | Port Cities & Emma-Lee | I Still See You At Parties

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The nature of a seaport is one of constant transformation, as an influx of influences from all over the map congregate at a point of connection. For Halifax-based songwriters Dylan Guthro and Carleton Stone, that meeting place is their sleek and soulful pop outfit Port Cities. 2020 signals the beginning of a new Port Cities — one that will build on the long-running spirit of collaboration Guthro and Stone have fostered over the past few years, as they curate fellow artists from around the world to create irresistible new songs. The first of many connections to make landfall with the new dynamic is Emma-Lee. The Canadian born, Nashville-based merchant of bright, dreamy pop lends her vocal stylings to I Still See You at Parties, a bubbly jam with earthy acoustic touches that captures the heartache of running into a lover you’re not quite over yet.”

34 | Plague Years | Incantation

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Michigan-based crossover death thrashers Plague Years unveil their official new video for Incantation. The track comes by way of the band’s punishing Circle Of Darkness full-length, now set for release on Sept. 18. Comments guitarist Eric Lauder: “This song is about resurrecting the dead that were condemned by god. Corpses become masters of chaos, rising to become a part of hell’s army to destroy their land and all things divine. This is one of the hardest and most aggressive songs on the record, relentless with its speed in the beginning and crushing heaviness at the end.”

35 | Tom Boy | Thunder

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Toronto-based pop singer Tom Boy a.k.a. Nate Daniels is known for catastrophically lush arrangements that catch your attention immediately and hold it with lyrics that ruminate on the nature of addiction, heart-break, and self-discovery. Nate writes with strong pop-sensibilities and arrangement, only to smash them against punk-rock lyricism that calls to action anybody he can wake. Thunder is Nate’s first offering since Tom Boy became a solo project. It’s a song dedicated to all those who feel they have not been heard, to the voices that have broken through the noise, and to the allies who create space for the wrongfully marginalized communities in the world.”

36 | Red Cain | Demons

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Canada’s Red Cain release Kindred: Act II this October; and to whet palettes in anticipation, the single Demons debuts today! The new single explores a demon summoning gone horribly right. Lick your lips and embrace your inner beast with this banger of a track. Red Cain explains: “In what is becoming a tradition, we remember our roots and continue our romp through Kindred: Act II with this goth rock anthem evocative of the delicious, bloody melancholy of Charon, 69 Eyes, Lord of the Lost, with a touch of Sisters of Mercy lost between the lines. This was a super fun track to write and play. It flowed naturally for us, and we put it into music with minimal changes — and haven’t stopped enjoying it since.”

37 | Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs Regard | Say My Name

THE PRESS RELEASE: “One of the best R&B songs of the early 2000’s, Say My Name has been given a pop-influenced rework by international producer/DJs Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Regard. The Destiny’s Child classic, a long-time radio and club favourite, has been flipped into a pitched-down-party-ready jam that vibrates with a smoothness that is loyal to the original. Dipping into familiar territory, the trio’s rework of Say My Name takes the iconic R&B anthem deep and gives a refreshing spin on one of music’s most recognizable songs.”

38 | Ty Trehern | The Air

THE PRESS RELEASE:Ty Trehern is no stranger to doing things differently. Growing up in small town Long Beach, MS, Trehern creates a dynamic, high-energy style of music with a variety of different influences, resulting in something that is as sonically fluid as it is personal. Of his latest single The Air, Ty says, “While working on new material, I wanted to push myself to not only create something powerful sonically but to explore certain places and topics that I hadn’t touched upon before lyrically as well. In order to accomplish that, the songs demanded a very specific energy and atmosphere. With The Air, we were able to capture that almost immediately.”

39 | GA-20 | I Ain’t Got You

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Recorded during the same session as their acclaimed debut LP, Lonely Soul, I Ain’t Got You gets at the core of what GA-20 is about: raw, traditional blues. The Boston blues duo pay homage to Jimmy Reed with their version of this timeless blues track.”

40 | Avi Kaplan | It Knows Me (Alt Version)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Rising singer-songwriter Avi Kaplan announced the release of Lean On Me, a new four-track EP out Aug. 21. The set features three new expansive alternate mixes of It Knows Me and Chains, (from his acclaimed Mike Mogis-produced debut EP I’ll Get By) along with fan favourite, Aberdeen and Avi’s recently released cover of Bill Withers’ classic, Lean On Me. Today he shared one of the alternate mixes of It Knows Me.

41 | The KickDrums | Sleeping Limb

THE PRESS RELEASE:The KickDrums officially released his latest project Blurred Colors today, accented by the standout single Sleeping Limb featuring R.A. The Rugged Man. Since relocating from Brooklyn to Spain in 2018, the produer has experienced a creative renaissance, resulting in some of the strongest material of his career. While his location doesn’t necessarily resonate in any overt ways on the new music, being freed from the pressures of New York City has opened up new channels of creativity. The new album shows off a fresh blend of the best aspects of The KickDrums catalog with new twists that are sure to keep his fanbase happy while exciting new listeners. Blurred Colors serves as the perfect vessel to introduce this latest step in The KickDrums’ artistic journey.”

42 | Calyces | Ego Dries Up the Ocean

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Led by Manthos Stergiou, the vocalist and guitarist of Tardive Dyskinesia, Calyces is a newly formed four-piece group from Athens, Greece whose sound can described as fusion of ’70s prog-rock with the modern complexity of today’s progressive metal. Recorded in various studios around Athens and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer, Alan Douches (Mastodon, Kvelertak, The Dillinger Escape Plan) Impulse To Soar is set for release on Oct. 16 and features guest appearances of Jørgen Munkeby (Shining), who contributes with a saxophone solo on Unfair Labour and Chrysa Tsaltampasi (Spineless, Bella Fuzz) who provides vocals. Today, Calyces reveals the album’s leading single, Ego Dries Up the Ocean.”

43 | Scordatura | Disease Of Mind

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Earlier this week Scordatura revealed the awesome cover artwork for their new album Mass Failure, which will be released on Sept. 25 Now the time has come for the first track from Mass Failure to be unleashed — the tornado of death metal fury Disease Of Mind. This track gives a suitably savage insight to what is certain to be one of the most acclaimed death metal releases of the year. “We decided to go for more of a ‘real life’ take on the lyrics, with how corrupt and how fucked up the world is. Our thought process in this was if we write about relevant and real life problems then people can potentially relate more to the music. We feel this is our strongest material to date and hopefully it will reflect on the music.”

44 | Colter Wall | Cowpoke

THE PRESS RELEASE:Colter Wall fans have long adored the lonesome sound of his live versions of Cowpoke, the Stan Jones classic cowboy tune. The big sky sound continues with Wall’s full-band studio version of Cowpoke off of his upcoming, self-produced album, Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs. Harmonica, a fitting addition to the classic timbre of Wall’s iconic voice, leads the song into a hopeful territory, while notes of pedal steel guitar and mandolin provide a sentimental grace. Listed by the Western Writers of America as one of the best Western songs of all time, Cowpoke is a fitting tune for Wall, and the release of his version will ensure that the classic song will stick around.”

45 | Garrett Owen | Hour In The Forest

THE PRESS RELEASE:Garrett Owen has released Hour In The Forest, the newest single from his forthcoming album Quiet Lives, due out Sept. 18. The song, inspired by interactions with three different women — one of which sports a tattoo of Harriet Tubman with a machine gun and Joan of Arc with a sword — is one of the more experimental tracks. “The new single is one of his most expansive creations yet, a full on epic that starts off like your typical folk song before breaking out into an all-out boogie, with a vintage solo provided by blues prodigy Matt Tedder,” says V13 in the song’s premiere. “Each of Hour In The Forest’s three verses were inspired by three very different situations that have arisen in Owen’s life … With such a diversity of subject matter, it’s quite clear that Owen has got a lot on his mind to draw from when it comes to songwriting.”

46 | Georgie | Chasing Kites

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Mansfield singer-songwriter Georgie announces the imminent release of a new studio album At Home, out Aug. 7. At Home was recorded these past few months as Georgie found herself suddenly housebound, locked-down and going through all kinds of hell. “Chasing Kites is the only song on the album that I didn’t write and produce during lockdown … This song gave me the confidence to find what I was about musically and really led the way for me to go off on my own and discover the world of production.”

47 | The Ghost of Helags | Parallel

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Ghost of Helags return with their electrifying new single Parallel. In a year without festivals, Parallel is an homage to those moments of euphoria and togetherness that only live music at the height of summer can bring. As Teresa Woischiski remembers: “We were in a studio in Antibes on the French Riviera working on new material, where one night we happened to stumble upon an open-air concert in a park in Juan les Pins from The Chemical Brothers. It was super inspiring watching these two gentlemen showing everybody how it’s done. So inspiring, that we went straight back to the studio, right after the gig, and started messing about with the loop that eventually turned into Parallel.

48 | Andy Martin | Heat Of It All

THE PRESS RELEASE: “High energy indie-rock musician Andy Martin has announced the self-release of his latest single, Heat Of It All. The rising star is currently under the mentorship of Ian Haug (guitarist of Powderfinger and The Church as well as the owner of Airlock Studios, where the single was recorded) and James See (previously worked with Thelma Plum) stepped forward to assist with the production. The rising singer-songwriter further elaborates on the single, “Most of the songs I write come together in a matter of hours. Heat of it All was not one of those. I actually wrote the hook/chorus for this around 3/4 years ago. I had been playing around with progressions and some of the verse lyrics. That is why I am so proud of this song. It shows how I have evolved as a songwriter of the last few years.”

49 | Bangladeafy | Harvest

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The unhinged and unpredictable New York City-based duo Bangladeafy present their mind-melting new album Housefly. The record will see release in September through long-running allies at Nefarious Industries, who has issued the album’s first single Harvest. The limitless and ever-evolving duo Bangladeafy — drummer Atif Haq and bassist/pianist/vocalist Jon Ehlers — comes slamming back with a new beast. Housefly brings you 13 anxiety-ridden compositions performed live on hardware synths, sample pads, and acoustic drums, and entirely abandons the electric bass acrobatics the tag team has become known for. Inspired by the human manipulation of electronic sounds, Housefly sees Bangladeafy revisiting influences of their youth such as Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails and Devo. The lead single from Housefly, Harvest contains manipulated samples of NYC mates Detach The Islands.”

50 | Body Double | The Floating Hand

THE PRESS RELEASE:Body Double from Oakland released their debut single today. Candace from the band had this to say: “The Floating Hand is generally about competition, and your options for reacting to it. I grew up in a few different countries because my dad was a Marine, and each move felt interplanetary: the language changed, what was good and bad changed, even the bugs crawling on the ground changed. I felt at odds with conservative military culture and run-of-the-mill high school viciousness, and fantasized about one day finding a safe haven in punk and underground music. It turns out that even amongst weirdos you’ll still see people undercut each other, and you might be a maladjusted alien regardless of scenery. I wrote this song about a musician I thought was particularly nasty, and it ended up being about myself, which is what happens whenever I try to write a dis track.”

51 | Tia Gostelow | Always ft. Holy Holy

THE PRESS RELEASE:Tia Gostelow’s second album sees the rising superstar slide into a lush pop landscape with Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy, Alex Lahey) at the production helm. Third single Always brings the second half of Holy Holy into the mix, with Tim Carroll sharing vocal duties, complementing Oscar’s bass and production. “I feel like it’s the song that sums up the whole vibe of the album and I’m so stoked to have Holy Holy featuring on it. It was really cool to be able to work with Oscar and Tim on it and I love that you can hear elements of their distinct sound throughout the song, eg. Oscar’s lil guitar solo at the end.”

52 | Justin Biltonen | Worth Hanging Onto

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Growing up in the heyday of classic ’90s country sparked Justin Biltonen’s passion for music. Like many artists, he started playing guitar and singing in church worship groups in high school, however in 2004, fired by rebellious excitement, he began touring the country playing southern-fried rock ’n’ roll. During those late night van drives, that wandered endlessly down lonesome highways, he reignited his passion for Country music. It was also during this time Justin began frequent trips to Nashville and fell in love with the music and positive atmosphere. In 2013 Justin made the move to Nashville and joined the band 3 Doors Down as bass player and began touring the world in support of numerous chart-topping albums.”

53 | Sean The Star Emperor | Prenup

THE PRESS RELEASE:Prenup is the new single from queer artist Sean The Star Emperor. The track narrates the idea of giving someone all of your love and building them up, only for them to turn around and leave you. Though serious in theme, the song features a fun and dancey electronic sound with hip-house elements, while tying into the underground Vogue scene. In a world of genres and playlists, true originality is hard to come by. However, now and then an anomaly lands on Earth and causes a ripple through the airwaves of the universe. Sean The Star Emperor is the embodiment of what happens when you take the status quo, do the complete opposite, then make a big song and dance about it, all the while destroying heteronormativity … Did we mention he is a monarch from another star system complete with magical powers?”

54 | C. Shirock | Come Summer

THE PRESS RELEASE:Chuck Shirock is founder, frontman and primary writer for internationally acclaimed band Shirock. The new music from C. Shirock is an evolution and a distillation of his previous work, cutting to the core of his identity, with a power and clarity not heard before. Come Summer is a hazy track that shimmers with Mediterranean vibes and soft, tranquil melodies. It’s a song about hoping for simpler days — days of ease, the feeling of summer, a time of stillness in the midst of life’s often tumultuous seasons. But also recognizing that there is a time for every season.”

55 | Lost Frequencies | One More Night ft. Easton Corbin

THE PRESS RELEASE: “It’s been about five years since Lost Frequencies took the world by storm with Are You With Me, his unique take on the original version of county singer Easton Corbin. Since then, the Belgian DJ, producer and label owner has churned out massive hits whilst seeing his streaming numbers run into the billions. And today, he traces back to the point where it all began and reconnects with Easton Corbin for their long-anticipated follow-up collab: One More Night. Lost Frequencies: “I am super excited to share this new track with everybody. Having a collaboration with Easton Corbin is something people might not have expected, but makes so much sense. He was the original singer of Are You With Me, so we tried to blend the country and dance world once more.”

56 | Odario | Hot Hot Heat

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Beloved Guyanese-born, Winnipeg-raised, and Toronto-based artist Odario premieres an infectious new single aptly titled Hot Hot Heat, from his upcoming EP Good Morning Hunter due this October. Produced by Todor Kobakov, the new single seamlessly blends house, hip-hop, beat poetry and jazz into a fiery groove anchored by Odario’s skillful, layered poetics, saucy steelpan sounds and the track’s percussive grooves. Says Odario, “The idea of the song came when a friend mentioned how much she missed going out on the town for a night of dancing. So, I wanted to reflect a time in life when dancing was instrumental to one’s freedom of expression. Hot Hot Heat is about making sense of a bizarre world and reaching for music as a remedy.”

57 | Ziminy | Summer Nights

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Former Awolnation bassist and multi-instrumentalist Dave Amezcua has released the synth-pop single Summer Nights under his new project Ziminy. The bass-heavy track with pulsing beats transports you to the 1980s and hooks you in from the first note. Its the perfect song to listen to on any night. “To start things off, I wanted to introduce something that feels old and new at the same time,” Dave explains. “There’s a clear ’80s formula found in Summer Nights; however, I hope the takeaway is that of a fresh perspective. I was inspired by Stranger Things. You feel like you’ve been transported to the ’80s, but at the same time you also know it’s 2020. It just works, and you love it.”

58 | Okan | Espiral

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Toronto-based ensemble Okan deliver a new song today. Espiral (Spanish for ‘spiral’) is the title track from their forthcoming album, due Oct. 9, blending sonic elements both classic and contemporary, while honouring their Cuban roots. “The title track Espiral is an arrangement that we did of an Afro-Cuban chant we first heard in 2018. It’s not as well-known as many chants and comes from the Arará sect (or denomination or tribal tradition) of the Santeria religion,” Okan say. “We then decided to mix this Afro-Cuban chant with another genre called guajira from the Eastern countryside of Cuba. This hasn’t been done before, or at least we don’t know of.”

59 | Carly and Martina | Honeymoon

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Twin musicians and emerging dual vocalists — Carly and Martina are ones to keep an eye on this year! The 18-year-old twins have mastered multiple musical areas, and take their combined craft seriously. In case you needed more proof that confidence is key, the teenage twin duo will be singing, producing, writing and mixing their own songs for the upcoming debut album titled, Are You Listening? The twins are Chicago natives and bursting into the music scene with must-stream tracks. It’s only a matter of time.”

60 | Race Baynon | Back & Forth

THE PRESS RELEASE: “New Zealand electronic producer Race Banyon (aka Eddie Johnston) shares his new single ‘Back & Forth’, released ahead of his upcoming EP 2 on Aug. 21. Talking about the writing process behind the EP, the intriguing producer reveals “most of the tracks were inspired by personal frustration and creative block, along with a desire to create songs that were a little darker and hit a bit harder”, “and as always, a desire to get out and dance”.”

61 | Juanita Stein | Snapshot

THE PRESS RELEASE:Juanita Stein has announced her third album Snapshot will be released Oct. 2. Juanita has now shared the album’s title track, a wonderful introduction to the themes and the sounds of the record. “It feels fundamental to understanding the devastation and eerie silence thrust upon us after sudden death,” begins the Brighton-based, Australian songwriter Stein, discussing the moment of great sadness that inspired her new record. “It was a daunting task to sum up the life of one man such as my father. He was endlessly inspiring, charming, deeply talented and passionately spiritual. He admirably, and at times frustratingly, carried the torch for his own musical career until the very end.”

62 | Gaidaa | Overture

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Rising Netherlands based, Sudanese singer-songwriter Gaidaa just dropped her debut EP Overture, with the undeniably smooth single Stranger, alongside music heavyweights Jarreau Vandal and Saba. Teaming up with the renowned artist and producer, the latest single was a welcome release from the talented artist. As she continues to reaffirm her presence as a contender for a 2020 artist to watch, her powerful existence in the scene remains one to be celebrated.”