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Albums Of The Week: Don Gardner & Dee Dee Ford | I Need Your Lovin’: The Fire Sessions

Come for their rollicking 1962 hit single and signature song — and stay for a couple dozen more gems from this criminally underappreciated dynamic duo of 1960s R&B.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The duo of Don Gardner and Dee Dee Ford reached the charts across the United States in 1962 with I Need Your Lovin’, a Top 20 Pop and R&B hit in the mold of Ike & Tina Turner. This new edition features their best work, including the original I Need Your Lovin’ LP as originally sequenced, plus many extra tracks.

First and foremost among those copious extras: The five-minute-long, unedited version of the title tune that was cut down to create the single — a masterful piece of editing that transformed a lengthy studio jam into a powerful, hook-filled hit. Also included are the R&B-charting hits Don’t You Worry and Lead Me On, making this the definitive set by one of the early ’60s most-dynamic R&B duos.”