Nikki Lowkey C Gives You Six Minutes To Explain Yourself

The singer-songwriter fuses upbeat pop with empowered lyrics on her debut release.

Nikki Lowkey C runs out of time for a cheating lover on her energetic and empowered debut single Six Minutes — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Upbeat, feel-good and fun, Six Minutes draws on dance and pop influences to fashion a high-energy track destined for the club floor — though it’s set in a less-enjoyable setting. “Six Minutes to me is about a relationship that has ended because of cheating,” the singer-songwriter explains. “The cheater wants to get back together, and wants my time and attention but I’m just not having it. My response to him is, six minutes of my time is all I have for him because it’s over, we’re through and there’s no making up.”

Written during a lunch hour, the lyrics circled relentlessly in Nikki’s mind, desperate to find their way out. She immediately recorded the idea into her phone, later working with a local producer to expand the song into a full production. With a rhythmic beat and catchy melody, Six Minutes is bursting with flavour and spirit. The synth line follows the vocals, and the production plays with layered effects on Nikki’s soulful voice. The refrain ‘Six minutes up, six minutes up’ sits at the centre of the track, a memorable hook that urges listeners to sing along.

For Nikki Lowkey C, creating music that encourages others to connect is part of the dream. Self-described as an ‘inspo-artist,’ she hopes to motivate people from all cultures and backgrounds to bring their talents together collectively, believing all creativity is universal.

Born in the beautiful Islands of Trinidad and Tobago, Nikki Lowkey C was raised in Canada. It was here she first discovered her passion for music, finding solace in lyric writing during a lonely time in her life. Although motherhood and the hardships of adult life often stood in the way of her songwriting, she recently found her way back to the craft. Taking inspiration from the likes of Lizzo, Dua Lipa and Christina Aguilera, Nikki hopes to shine a light on women in the same way that these female artists have empowered her and her music.

Check out Six Minutes above and below, and follow Nikki Lowkey C on Twitter and Instagram.