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Now Hear This | Rip Hickie & King Khan | Haunted & Hunted

The Canadian-born, Beriln-based garage-rock veteran joins forces with an Indigenous Alberta singer-songwriter on an EP of rootsy psychedelic nuggets.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The story of Rip Hickie (aka Cody Ciscolane Prairie Chicken) is a complicated one.

When Cody was 17 years old, his band She Lives from Lethbridge, Alta., were told they would be on the cover of a magazine. They had an interview and photo shoot and were as excited as a young band could be to be graced on the cover of a magazine. About a week before the issue was going to come out, the magazine called and gave them the bad news that they had been replaced by King Khan & BBQ Show for the cover.

Mad as hell, Cody went to their show with his best Beatle boots on, ready to kick some ass. But then, suddenly, as he entered the room, he saw King Khan wearing his Tina Turner outfit and doing his best Chuck Berry duck walk, and heard BBQ belting out the hits like the Sam Cooke of his generation that he is. Cody fell in love with their music and his rage turned into a lifelong desire to be on stage and fuck shit up.

Fast forward 17 years, and Cody reached out to King Khan with the song We Love You, written about Cody’s deceased wife Jayne “Otahkonisskim” Crop Haired Wolf (RIP). When King Khan heard it, he signed Cody to his Khannibalism record label. These six songs were recorded during the pandemic with his mama’s guitar on Cody’s cellphone. King Khan added his spices to the tracks and here they are for you. Cody is a proud member of the Blackfoot/Blood Tribe and pseudo-leader of the Lost Boyz rankster pack. He resides in Lethbridge and is 34 years old.”