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Albums Of The Week: Gunslingers | Supreme Asphalt Doser

Dig out your stinky leather pants, stomp on your wah-wah & fire up the stobe light for some roto-punk fuzz-noise nuggets blasted in straight from the dark valley of 2012.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Brothers and sisters, the new Gunslingers album — recorded on an analog four-track recorder back in 2012, and mixed and mastered from tape in 2022 — has finally landed in its sweet vinyl LP and digital versions.

Have no fear, you amphetamine lovers, speed freaks and sonic maniacs, have no fear not to find among these seven uncompromising tunes the illuminated fever of what constitutes the band’s DNA in its wildest incarnation, the alchemy of a unique style beyond the genres, the irreverent dreams calcined by a sound blowtorch, by the electro shocks overheated in the traumatized adrenalin; have no fear, you counter-cultural worshippers and hygiene opponents, you zealots of the subtle oversaturation, of the plastic from beyond the grave monstrously remodeled in deformed oddness; have no fear, you proto-punks, Gunslingers knows no homeland, Gunslingers are everywhere for no one and nowhere for everyone.”