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Next Week in Music | Sept. 26 – Oct. 2 • The Long List: 400 Releases On The Way

All the new albums, EPs, singles, compilations, soundtracks & reissues coming along.

Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham — indisputably one of the greatest drummers of all time — died on Sept. 25, 1980 after a night of heavy drinking while rehearsing with the band. He was just 32 years old. What a damn shame. I was lucky enough to see Zeppelin twice — in Minneapolis in 1977, and at their legendary O2 reunion in 2007 (with Bonham’s son Jason taking his father’s place). I’ll be amazed if anyone gets the chance to see them again in any setting or configuration. Guess we’ll just have to make do with the albums. While you play air drums with Bonzo today, take a spin through the 400-plus new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week:



A+A | 060 EP
Acephalix | Theothanatology
Sybil Adelaja | Messages In Colour
Adora | Adorable REbirth
Ä.I.D.S. | The Road To Nuclear Holocaust
The Airport 77s | We Realize You Have a Choice
Addie Alaimo | Girls & Cars & New York City
Ali And The Clouds | Subway EP
Alias | Josef
Alivenique | Year of the Statement
All Else Fails | The Incident At Black Lake
Herb Alpert | Sunny Side Of The Street
Altered Images | Mascara Streakz
Amaurot | …To Tread the Ancient Waters
Shaka Amazulu The 7th | Brotherhood of the Wulf 2​.​2
Oren Ambarchi | Shebang
The Amblers | Shallow Pools Deluxe Edition
Angmodnes | Weight Of Eternity
Brooke Annibale | Better By Now
Arctora | The Storm Is Over
Attawalpa | Presence
Autophagy | Bacteriophage
Autopsy | Morbidity Triumphant
Aviana | Corporation
Baby Tate | Mani/Pedi
The Bad Plus | The Bad Plus
Bałtyk | Grapefruit
Sandy Barber | I Think I’ll Do Some Stepping (On My Own) Remixes
Maïa Barouh | Aïda
Basher | Doubles
Kenny Beats | Louie
David Beck | Bloom & Fade
Chris Berardo | American Dust Reissue
The Beremy Jets | Devastation
Beverly Kills | Kaleido
Bibi | Animal Farm
The Big Pink | The Love That’s Ours
Big30 | Last Man Standing
Casey Bishop | Casey Bishop EP
André Bisson | The Ballad Of Lucy Stone
Björk | Fossora
Black Market Karma | Aped Flair and Hijacked Ideas
Bladee | Spiderr
Blancmange | Private View
Bloedneus & de Snuitkever | Milli Mille
Bodyping X Brutal Caesar | The Invisible
Boerd | Caution: Fragile
Bog Bodies | Bog Bodies
Bona Fide | Entropy
Suzie Boo | Changes​/​Heaven
Bourbonese Qualk | Bourbonese Qualk Reissue
Bourbonese Qualk | The Spike Reissue
Mary Bragg | Mary Bragg
Zac Brown Band | The Comeback Deluxe
Bruway | Sziget
Luke Bryan | #1’s Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
BusCrates | Internal Dialogue
David Adam Byrnes | Keep Up With A Cowgirl
The Cactus Blossoms | If Not For You EP
John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band | Greatest Hits
Candy Apple | World for Sale EP
Brandi Carlile | In the Canyon Haze
Caitlin Cary | While You Weren’t Looking 20th Anniversary Edition
Ceaseless Torment | Victory Or Death
Tyler Childers & The Food Stamps | Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven?
City Of Caterpillar | Mystic Sisters
City Of Dawn & Ross Christopher | Wider Than the Sky
Eric Clapton | The Complete Reprise Studio Albums Vol. 1
Clark | 05​-​10
Clark | Body Double
Forest Claudette | The Year of February EP
The Cleaners From Venus | That London
Coldworld | Isolation
Confidence Man | Re-Tilt EP
Alice Cooper Band | Live From the Astroturf
Adrian Corker | Since It Turned Out Something Else
Cousines like Shit | Young & Online EP
Cova | Onni
Cowman | Slaughter
The Cowsills | Rhythm of The World
Denzel Curry | Melt My Eyez, See Your Future Deluxe
CybercrashersTV | Constellations
Dame Area | Toda La Mentira Sobre Dame Area / All the Lies About Dame Area
Smokey Danger | Kingdom
Dez Dare | Thrashin’ Single
Darkest Era | Wither on The Vine
Darko | Oni
Craig David | 22
Ethan Daniel Davidson | Stranger
DDG | It’s Not Me It’s You
The Dead Daisies | Radiance
Dead Kennedys | Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables Remixed
Brett Deubner | Hope: Music for Solo Viola
Dies Lexic | Lexicon Hall
J Dilla | B​.​B​.​E. (Big Booty Express) Remixes
Dirty Streets | Who’s Gonna Love You
Disheveled Cuss | Into The Couch
LaMona Divine | Coquetel
Dodie | Hot Mess EP
Adam Doleac | Barstool Whiskey Wonderland
Scarlet Dorn | Queen Of Broken Dreams
Dr. Acula | Dr. Acula
Drakulas | Drunk Dial #10
Dream, Ivory | About A Boy
Dropkick Murphys | This Machine Still Kills Fascists
Drown Again | Emerge
Drowning Pool | Strike A Nerve
The East Pointers | House of Dreams EP
e4444e | I Spend All Day Drawing a Circle
Ekkstacy | Misery
Ellende | Ellenbogengesellschaft
Perera Elsewhere | Home
Emeralds | Solar Bridge Reissue
Escuela Grind | Memory Theater
Eternal Helcaraxe | Drown In Ash
Everest Queen | Murmurations
Exid | X
False Heads | Sick Moon
Faust | Cisza Po Tobie
Wu Qing Feng | Mallarmé’s Tuesday
Fern | Intersubjective
Firtan | Marter
Flight Attendant | Flight Attendant
Keeley Forsyth | Phantom Limbs EP
Albert Freeman | Quoad Ultra I
Free Time | Jangle Jargon
Espen Friberg | Sun Soon
Lily Frost | Decompression
Fujiya & Miyagi | Digital Hangover
John Fullbright | The Liar
Gabriels | Angels & Queens Part I
Gadadu | The Weatherman Is Wrong
Gadgetz | Nothing Like Me EP
Rory Gallagher | Deuce 50th Anniversary Edition
Bob Gaulke | Best Off
Get The Fuck Outta Dodge | Mammoth
Freddie Gibbs | $oul $old $eparately
Glaive | Three Wheels And It Still Drives
Ben Glas | Superpositional Melodies
Glassreel | Lustre
Gonemage | Handheld Demise
Glenn Gould: The Goldberg Variations | The Complete Unreleased 1981 Recording Sessions
Clark Graham | Southlands
Grandamme | Holy Mountain
Grnhll | Collapse Through a Mind Deluxe
Guardin | Creatures Together
Tama Gucci | Almost Blue (After Hours Deluxe)
Guided By Voices | Alex Bell Vinyl
Buddy Guy | The Blues Don’t Lie
Sammy Hagar & The Circle | Crazy Times
Daryl Hall & John Oates | Do It for Love
Julie Hanney | Here Now
Harkness | Come And Get It
Paul Heaton And Jacqui Abbott | N.K-Pop
G Herbo | Survivor’s Remorse: Side B
Hexed | Pagans Rising
High Vis | Blending
Steve Hillage | The Glastonbury Experience (Live 1979)
Freya Josephine Hollick | The Real World
Howdytoons | Dinosaurs & Monsters
Humans Etcetera | Part of Being Human
Hunting Giants | Mythos
Sophie Hurley | My Love Is Your Love
Ibbigang | Pakpak
Icon for Hire | The Reckoning
The Immortal Hellbound Glory | Nobody Knows You
Indian City | Code Red Reissue
Infected Youth | Current 23
The Intelligence | Lil’ Peril
Interplanetary Criminal & DJ Cosworth | Untitled EP
Eddie Island | Folkstar
It Deel I It Deel I
Paul Jabara | Keeping Time Expanded Edition
Paul Jabara | Shut Out Expanded Edition
Jagwar Twin | 33
Boldy James & Nicholas Craven | Untitled
Jansport J | Los Angeles Soul
Keith Jarrett | Bordeaux Concert
Joyce | Natureza
Julia, Julia | Derealization
Kasprzyk / Ostrowski | Pure
Paul Kelly | Drinking
Keze | Viminal Zimbo
Kid Cudi | Entergalactic
Kolb | Tyrannical Vibes
Leo Koster Band | Rickies Till Dawn
Krankheit | Gargantua
Labyrinth of Stars | Spectrum Xenomorph
Lambchop | The Bible
Tory Lanez | Sorry 4 What
L.A. Salami | Ottoline
Maude Latour | 001 EP
Left Of The Slash | Won
Lenzman & Redeyes | Wonder Years EP
Yosef-Gutman Levitt | Upside Down Mountain
The Lightning Kids | California
Lincoln | Repair & Rewards
Löded Diper | Love & Youth
Log Across The Washer | The Horse Show
Lola | Flicker EP
Lost Society | If The Sky Came Down
Cara Louise | Wholesome Dread
LoveClub | Sweatbox
Isabella Lovestory | Amor Hardcore
L7 | Bricks Are Heavy 30th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue
LVCRFT & Christopher Young | Scream Warriors
Maedon-X | The Lion & The Ram
Magma | Kartëhl
Jesse Malin | Glitter in the Gutter Reissue
Mamalarky | Pocket Fantasy
Mamaleek | Diner Coffee
Manqo | Always Something EP
Marenna | Voyager
Kristen Martell | Every Season
Richard Marx | Songwriter
Kenny Mason | Ruffs
Kapitány Máté | Action Man
Milan McAlevey | Islands Of Milans
Ashley McBryde | Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville
Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble | Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble II
Meet Me @ The Altar | Say It (To My Face)
Francisco Mela and Zoh Amba | Causa y Efecto Vol. 1
Melody’s Echo Chamber | Unfold
Melt-Banana | Scratch Or Stitch
Meltheads | Na​ï​ef
Merci, Mercy | Is It Me, Or Is It You? EP
M.I.A. | Mata
George Michael | Older Super Deluxe Edition
Milly | Eternal Ring
Miss Emily | Defined By Love
MissSuicide | Herbivor EP
Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire | Vol 1: I Love Y.O.U Cuz Y.O.U Ugly
Modern Rituals | Cracking of the Bulk
Monster Truck | Warriors
Moon Duo | Live At Levitation
Moonspell | From Down Below: Live 80 Meters Deep
Joyce Moreno | Natureza
Shannen Moser | The Sun Still Seems To Move
Mynameisleonidas | Mynameisleonidas
Mythic Sunship | Light / Flux
Nanopod | Summer
Bronze Nazareth | If You’re Worried, You Should Be
Ne’er-do-well | Fun Days EP
Nestor | Kids In A Ghost Town Deluxe Edition
Neutal | När Reissue
Neutal | Neutral Reissue
Nisa | Exaggerate
No Sun | In The Interim
Joey Nowyuk | Inuugama
Julie Odell | Autumn Eve
Off! | Free LSD
Office Culture | Big Time Things
The Offs | Live at the Mabuhay Gardens: March 1, 1980
Seamus O’Muinechain | Isthmus
1000 Robota | 3​/​3
Oproiu | Rock Lives EP
Oval | Ovidono
Steven Page | Excelsior
Paramore | This Is Why
Patricia | Less Than 7
Polly Paulusma | The Pivot On Which The World Turns
Pentangle | Through the Ages: 1984-1995
Perera Elsewhere | Home
Smellington Piff & Illinformed | Roma Supreme
Pixey | Dreams, Pains & Paper Planes
Pixies | Doggerel
Polyrhythmics | Libra Stripes Remastered
Sam Prekop | The Sparrow
Allah Preme & P.A. Dre | Screwface
Pretty Sick | Makes Me Sick Makes Me Smile
Prodigy | Book of Heroine
Psychic Ills | Live At Levitation
Cole Pulice | Scry
Pulled Apart By Horses | Reality Cheques
Push Puppets | Allegory Grey
Suzi Quatro | Uncovered
Kristjan Randalu & New Wind Jazz Orchestra | Sisu
Rage | Spreading The Plague EP
Ragged Union | Round Feet, Chrome Smile
Regulate | Regulate
Steve Reich | Runner / Music for Ensemble and Orchestra
Renegades Of Jazz | Sonic Verve
Rhode & Brown | Feels Like Forever EP
Halina Rice | Elision
Bjorn Riis | A Fleeting Glimpse
Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado | Navigation Blues
RL | Be True EP
Ronboy | Pity To Love
Dan Rosenboom & Friends | The Complete Boom Sessions
Royal Aircoach | Open Up Your Mind
Roy of the Ravers | Bootleg Sessions Vol. 303
Patrice Rushen | Now Expanded Edition
Patrice Rushen | Patrice Expanded Edition
Patrice Rushen | Pizzazz Expanded Edition
Samia | Kill Her Freak Out
Sammy & The Circle | Crazy Times
Scanner & Modelbau | Loess
Scarlet Dorn | Queen Of Broken Dreams
Conrad Schnitzler, Baal & Mortimer | Con​-​Struct
Gloria Scott | So Wonderful
DJ Scriby // DJ Marillo // DJ Skothan | The Gqom Trilogy
Searows | Guard Dog
2nd Grade | Easy Listening
Selfmxdebless | Death Theory
Cole Sether | He’s Sneaky
Crystal Shawanda | Midnight Blues
Shygirl | Nymph
SilentLie | Equilibrium
Simplylogic | You’re Fired!
Alex Sjobeck & David Baker | Pictures in Time
Sleep D | Freak of Nature Vol. 2
Slipknot | The End, So Far
Lorna Shore | Pain Remains
Shrug Dealer | Infested
Shygirl | Nymph
Small Boy | Wail
Snarky Puppy | Empire Central
Social Club Misfits | Everyone Loves A Comeback Story
So Long Seven | Only Elephants Know Her Name
Sonic Flower | Me And My Bellbottom Blues
Spain | World of Blue
Spetyusz | Untitled
Stake | Love, Death & Decay
Kaya Stewart | If Things Go South
Joss Stone | Merry Christmas, Love
Strange Ranger | Clean Up on Aisle Heaven EP
Strangle Wire | Shaped By Human Frailty
Strategy | Unexplained Sky Burners
Stratton | Never Bettered Always Battered
The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs | All The Covers (And More)
Rome Streetz | Kiss the Ring
Strigoi | Viscera
Alison Sudol | Still Come The Night
Sure Sure | Spirit Mission
Tankengine | Tankengine Tankengine Tankengine EP
Roger Taylor | The Outsider Tour Live
Tension Span | The Future Died Yesterday
Thasup | c@ra++ere s?ec!@le
Thought Trails | Time Is Now White Vol​.​21 EP
3615 Nuits Blanches | Été Meurtrier (Deadly Summer)
Thumbscrew | Multicolored Midnight
Timpana | Gwandena EP
Titus Andronicus | The Will To Live
Tons | Hashension
Tons | Musineè Doom Session, Vol 1 Remastered
Ryan Traster | Low Mirada
T. Rex | Songwriter | 1970
T. Rex | Songwriter | 1971
2070 | Shordy
Turquoisedeath | Paint The World Blue
Twisted Wizard | I Survived Being Bootylicious
Tycho | Back To Mine
Tyrant | The Lowest Level
Ultravox | Rage in Eden: 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Umbilicus | Path Of 1000 Suns
UnoTheActivist | Limbus 3
The Unrulies | Live at The Bend
Upchuck | Sense Yourself
The Uplifting Bell Ends | Super Giant IV
The Vacant Lots | Closure
Vånda | Covenant of Death
Vanilla Fudge | Vanilla Zeppelin
Various Artists | Aquapelago: An Oceans Anthology
Various Artists | Blue Note: Re:Imagined II
Various Artists | The Golden Age of Peter Bogdanovich
Various Artists | Halloween Garage Blues
Various Artists | High in the Morning: The British Progressive Pop Sounds of 1973
Various Artists | Holidays Rule
Various Artists | Pure Synth Covers Vol. 1
Various Artists | Rocket Recordings: Elsewhere VXIII
Veslemes | The Well
Alex Virgo | Don’t Buy The Sun EP
VoidOath | Ascension Beyond Kokytus
Dominic Voz | Right To The City
Da Wei Wang / Tatsu Aoki | Yes Strings Attached
The War On Drugs | I Don’t Live Here Anymore Deluxe Edition
Mindy Meng Wang 王萌 | Nervous Energy Remixes 触即发
Whatupurg | New Hollywood
WhoIsJordan & A.J. | WhoIsA.J.
Wilco | Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Wild Wes | The Life Of Wesley Deluxe
Zach Williams | A Hundred Highways
Rita Wilson | Now & Forever: Duets
Wipes / Day Job | Split Tape
Within Destruction | Lotus
Worldwide Panic | Worldwide Panic
Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Cool It Down
YG | I Got Issues
Zaneta | Freedom EP
Zekk | Salpa
Zoh Amba | Bhakti
Zoh Amba and Francisco Mela | Causa Y Efecto, Vol. 1
Ben Zucker´s Fifth Season | Semiterritory
Zukai (ズカイ) | Go Under My Cheap Dream (ちゃちな夢中をくぐるのさ)