Watch Aerosmith Tear Through Classics At Their Comeback Show

The Boston rockers knock it out of the park at their first concert in over two years.

Nine lives? Think again. Aerosmith have pulled off more comebacks than any other band could or should be able to get away with. And clearly, they’re not done yet.

As a warmup for their upcoming Las Vegas residency, the band just played their first show in over two years — and their first gig since Steven Tyler went back to rehab for the zillionth time. And damned if they didn’t knock it out of the park, if these fan-shot videos from their Bangor performance are anything to go by.

The version of Mama Kin above is worth the price of admission alone, and the other four songs — the fitting opener Back In the Saddle, along with the Nine Lives standout Full Circle and their cover of The Shangri-Las’ Remember (Walkin’ In The Sand) — aren’t far behind. Tyler in particular sounds stronger than he has in years, while Joe Perry, Brad Whitford and Tom Hamilton don’t seem rusty in the least.

But I also think a ton of the credit has to go to drum tech Jack Douglas, sitting in for Joey Kramer while the drummer takes a leave of absence following the death of his wife in June. My major complaint about Aerosmith shows lately has been that Kramer plays far too slow — but Douglas picks up the pace and gives the band the kick in the ass they sorely need. Almost makes me wish I had a ticket for one of those Vegas shows. Anyway, check out the songs. Back in the saddle indeed.