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Albums Of The Week: Various Artists | Bound For Hell: On The Sunset Strip

Get out the Aqua Net and animal-print Spandex, cue up The Decline Of Western Civiliation Part II and head back to the glam-slam ’80s with this over-the-top box.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Heavy metal? Glam? Hard rock? Make your own fuckin’ call, you poser. We’re not gonna do it for you. Bound For Hell is early ’80s L.A. rock as it actually was: A California cataclysm of drunk and horny headbangers, dressed in sharp, shiny, leather androgyny and fire, kicking crowds in the teeth to clear the way to that one big shot.

Featuring 21 tracks by 21 of the Sunset Strip’s most razor-sharp heathens, Bound For Hell shines a light on the lesser known bands and paying particular attention to the female musicians/bands (Lisa Baker, Jaded Lady, Leather Angel, Hellion and Bitch) who have largely gone unnoticed. The 2LP collection (also available on CD and streaming) includes a hardcover book written by Katherine Turman and previously unseen photographs from Kevin Estrada.

Adam Luksetich, the producer of the box, explains his approach to the collection: “The infamous Sunset Strip glam metal scene of the ’80s is one that’s been covered excessively, and for a good reason. But usually, the analysis never goes too far past bands like Mötley Crüe, Poison, Quiet Riot, etc. Our goal with Bound For Hell was to narrow in on the equally impressive independent or unsigned bands that thrived in that same scene but in most cases, never benefitted from the major label feeding frenzy.”

Drumsticks burned. Hands were severed. Faces bled. Heavy was HELL for a half decade and it was a long, long way down.”