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Rusty Creek Travel The Road of Life

Ride along as the Vancouver roots quartet share their invitnig sophomore album.

Rusty Creek are your guides on The Road of Life with their latest album — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Rusty Creek are a four-piece band that live and work in the Vancouver area but seem to hail from everywhere. They describe their music as “a mixture of bluegrass, country blues, western swing, Cajun, and anything else we can think of.” Using these elements, they carve out an eclectic original sound they refer to as roots remastered. They are currently celebrating their second album The Road of Life, released in June.

Rusty Creek draw from a deep well of influences that, in their hands, sound completely original and yet warmly familiar. Their songs range from the fiddle-driven kitchen party stomp (the aptly named Kitchen Party) to reflective storytelling (Emma). They draw the listener in at every melodic and rhythmic turn.

The group were founded by old friends Alex Deeth and Peter Callaway. Before long they were joined by bassist Lee Stephens and drummer Leonard Saidman, playing a long list of fretted and slide instruments that Deeth and Callaway have mastered over the years.

Deeth is credited with writing the songs. He sings with an unvarnished charm reminiscent of famed sideman/producer and music legend Jim Dickinson. The sound is familiar, friendly, and a little rowdy. For a band that love a good time, their professionalism as life-long musicians is also evident everywhere on this record. Each track is well-thought out and provides a solid platform for the song, the instruments and the vocals.

Somewhere soon, there’ll be a pub where all your dear friends are present and having a great time, while Rusty Creek is on the stage, holding the audience all together, something the whole album strives for, and succeeds.

Listen to The Road Of Life below, watch the video for Kitchen Party above, and hit the road with Rusty Creek at their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.


Peter Callaway.
Alex Deeth.