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Zoe Guigueno | Queen Of My Domain: Exclusive Single Premiere

Reminiscent of vintage Sheryl Crow, this slow-burning empowerment anthem previews the B.C. singer-songwriter's upcoming LP We Were Radar Stations.

Zoe Guigueno calls the shots in her confident new single Queen Of My Domain — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The lead single from the B.C. singer-songwriter’s forthcoming album We Were Radar Stations — set for release on Oct. 13 — the entrancing Queen Of My Domain stands as an everywoman anthem of self-assurance and self-reliance. The soulful, southern-facing slow-burner tops a deep-pocket groove with sublime organ swells and Mark Knopfler-style guitar curlicues, setting Guigueno’s honey-smoked vocals and uplifting lyrics in a tastefully understated plot of earthy folk-pop reminiscent of vintage Sheryl Crow.

Although the lyrics sound like they could have been transcribed from her own journal, Zoe wrote the track after interviewing her aunt about her life and discovering the similarities in their very different stories. “Queen Of My Domain was written as a Secret Santa gift for and about my aunt, who is a truck driver in the lower mainland of B.C.,” says Zoe. “The song tells the story of her quest for autonomy, and in a larger sense celebrates women’s independence and empowerment.”

Photo by Aidan Grant.

We Were Radar Stations was recorded on the traditional territory of the W̱SÁNEĆ (Mayne Island), B.C., over two summers and two winters. This music springs from the hands and minds of two long-time collaborators and childhood friends, who used to trade halloween candy in the same basement where now sits a Hammond D100 organ, an upright bass leaning in the corner and windows looking out over the one-time sheep farm sloping down to the ocean.

Zoe and Juno-nominated producer Adam Iredale-Gray are responsible for the majority of sounds on this album — various guitars, piano and keyboards, basses, programmed beats, strings, even recorder and waterphone — while drummers Kelby MacNayr and Jason Burger play on about half the songs. The tracks bear traces of jazz school, folk-rock and open-mic nights, along with backbeats, breathy piano, blatant midi patches and melodyne ghost harmonies, detuned guitars repeating nightmare riffs and even a double-drum solo. You can dance to it if you like. Or walk through the woods to it. You can also just sit and close your eyes.

Guigueno is currently spending falls and winters in Tla-o-qui-aht territory on Vancouver Island, and springs and summers in New York City or on the road. When not doing her own music, she is probably gigging on bass with other bands. Listen to Queen Of My Domain above, check out more music from Zoe Guigueno below, and visit her at her website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Photo by Aidan Grant.
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